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BOSTON, MA 02124

Carney Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Suffolk County, MA.

Carney Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Carney Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

Location and Directions


My husband was in severe pain due to right shoulder injury, went to Beth Israel first and they did nothing for him. Basically sent a man home in tears and with severe pain. Ended going to Carney, they were amazing. Right away gave him pain meds and just felt as if they cared. We had a great experience at carney, and Dr Cole is just amazing. Thank you so much guys (a month ago)

Speedy Service I get in and get out withing two hours, but if your looking for an upscale Hospital Boston medical is the way to go, but if you do not have the patience to wait long Carney is the number one choice (2 months ago)

ER staff is so rude and unprofessional!!! I came in with friend who need psych evaluation that was a danger to her self and others as she was climbing on 3 story roof etc. (mind you I worked on psych unit for 6 years so I know when someone is not right)which I thought coming to Carney would be best and quickest since they have psych unit. A lady from the “Best” team (which is not the “Best” team)came and talked to her for all about 5mins pumped her with Ativan and said she was able to go home when even one of nurses thought she should be admitted but lady from “Best” team said she made up her mind. Then I was talking to my friend and the nurses at desk where mimicking me loudly. Needless to say I had to bring her somewhere else where they actually took time to talk to her and realized she need to be sectioned to locked unit. Don’t even bother going to Carney ER staff is lazy, rude and unprofessional!!!! (2 months ago)

Funny you cant post unless you have at least 1 star :/... LESS THAN ONE WORKS BETTER for this place! My daughter was in a pretty bad car accident, at first she had pain but she thought it was normal after an accident, However, the next day she was in the worst pain ever in her lower back etc... Took her to Carney and was treated less than humane! She was told your pain is normal, gave her Motrin and said, See ya! The PA that cared (sarcasm) for her said she can look at her and tell she was ok! WOW!! No ultrasound, nothing went someplace else, had a dislocated finger and is in pt for her back and knee! I wont say all her issues but I will say this, If you're in need of real care, Do yourself a favor and seek another facility! Wish I had time to tell you a few more horror stories,.. SICK!! BEWARE!!! COME HERE AT YOUR OWN RISK!! also very funny that the owner responds to "certain" ppl! ( in my opinion) Look at the names of the ppl the owners respond to! (3 months ago)

My wife went to the e.r. because that was the closest hospital and she was in serious pain. First of all when she yelled for help SEVERAL times, no one wanted to help. They just let her scream in pain until they felt like helping her. She was also told not to come back because she goes to another hospital for primary care. When she went to explain to the nurse that she came there because it was closest, the nurse was rude and kept cutting her off telling her not to come back. Worst emergency service I have ever seen in my life. We will never go there again. I hope they shut it down. I work security for years at a Hospital n the appearence and the customer service of the security there look like a pack of thugs don't even assist to help patients by calling the nurses for assistance. (4 months ago)

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