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Carilion Franklin Memorial Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Franklin County, VA.

Carilion Franklin Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Carilion Franklin Memorial Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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I was an overnight patient in mid-June, having been admitted through the ED. There was no wait time in the ED when I arrived, though I did have to wait a number of hours for a room to be available. Having worked in a hospital before, this is just the way it is sometimes. Everyone I encountered was pleasant and caring, from the woman at the front desk to the lab folks, dietary, RNs, PAs and MDs. The staff was great and contrary to another review, I did not observe ANY preferential treatment of anyone. This was my first visit to this hospital as I am a recent transplant to VA, and I was very pleased with the care I received. (in the last week)

Update: I have spoken with patient advocacy and they have assured me this matter will be looked into. I hope to see a difference at our local er. Beware preferential treatment given here. My family is of multi cultural background and our skin tones reflect such. Some being extremely fair others more tan or brown. 2 visits from persons of fair skin and 2 visits from persons with tanned or brown skin to Franklin County Memorial Hospital. From these visits we gathered that those with fair skin received preferential treatment over those with tanned or brown skin. For example, those with fair skinned were offered simple amenities such as a warmed blanket and drink. As to where those with tanned or brown skin were not even asked if they would like such an amenity. The end result was those with fair skin actually received treatment which resulted in a diagnosis and medicine but the tanned or brown persons whom received care at Franklin County Memorial Hospital were discharged without medicine or an answer as to the cause of their ailments. Just our experiences, good luck. (3 months ago)

I would like to give no star after was discharged with a heart rate of 137 beats. Was told it was normal and nothing wrong. I couldn’t breathe. Even a high student would know that to not be true. Went somewhere else a was told I had walking pneumonia and was kept. Yes be of the worst hospital to go to unless you want to died. (6 months ago)

I would give a zero if i could. Took my son in at 2:30, was seen around 5:30, only seen by a physician assist and a rn. They gave him medicine for nausea and sent him home. It was a complete waste of time and the staff were not friendly. Took my son to Roanoke today and got a totally different experience and actually seen a Doctor who treated him for something totally different. I will never go to this hospital again or even recommend them unless you want to get diagnosed wrong and treated poorly. (5 months ago)

Here at FCMH now, 1-1-2018, arrive with my husband at 6:00 p.m. who had pain in his jaw, ear area, and neck. Triage called him back just under an hour after arrival. BP was 216/109.....2nd BP was 192/93....I’m thinking “red flag” as he’s never had BP issues. Also, Triage is suppose to determine which patients get seen first due to the nature of the issue, well I guess “extremely hi BP” isn’t on the “flag” list as they sent him back to the waiting area, where we proceeded to wait until around 10:15 p.m. During this time we watched as 6 patients and their family was dischaged. 1 person was called in that hadn’t even been here an hour! Others have been seen already that haven’t been here as long as us. So, we were called into a room where we sat for almost a half hour before anyone even came in. Once again his BP was taken and it was 187/91 and it’s like there was no cause for concern! I don’t get it? They are treating him as if he is sick with a cold or flu but he’s not sick! This hospital has been great in the past. No issues. Top notch service. But this time and one visit before this one a year ago...this place has gone downhill.....BigTime. After we leave here tonight, we will probably not ever come back here. The only real reason I gave one star is because I had to so I could write a review. Just heard 2 Nurses say “ why don’t we all quit”! You’re kidding me right? Well, I guess they could at the rate they are going. Wow, these Nurses really need to watch what they talk about and who they talk about because there’s always someone paying attention. (6 months ago)

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