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29 EAST 29TH ST, BAYONNE, NJ 07002
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Bayonne Medical Center is a 278-bed, fully accredited, acute-care hospital. Since opening its doors more than a century ago, it has provided quality, comprehensive ...

Carepoint Health - Bayonne Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Hudson County, NJ.

Carepoint Health - Bayonne Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Carepoint Health - Bayonne Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Horrible. Came in with a family member for a simple one day procedure at 8am for a 10am appointment, they kept them waiting for 5HRS!! Didn’t get seen and was stuck in a waiting room all that time and given excuses. Then was told procedure would be 10min - was a simple thing - and 3hrs later we’re still here. They’re not that attentive. On top of that while in the waiting room saw a huge roach traveling behind the seats. Go to a different place if you can. (2 months ago)

Talk about unethical. These people charge an arm and a leg HOPING you’ll be gullible enough to pay the bill. If you don’t, that’s ok they’ll just write off the portion after expenses. $8200 for a bandage and some ointment? LOL! (3 weeks ago)

I was seen 10.25.2017. I am not sure how or why all the negative reviews. My experience was amazing. The staff was friendly and caring... from the check in lady to Triage to the doctor and nurses in the ER. The doctor checked in on me 4 times while waiting for test results. The nurses checked on me 2 or 3 times an hour. I was there from 9pm-1am. 4 hours for vitals, multiple blood tests, exam, ultrasound, and the wait for test results. Very reasonable. This is where I will always go. (8 months ago)

Before you decide to come here, please read about this FOR PROFIT HOSPITAL: HIPPA laws are consistently broken at this facility. I’m surprised this hospital is not under federal investigation. Doctors are billing insurance companies as “anesthesiologist” which holds the highest pay rate. Request for medical records take absurdly long and I recently had a family member fill out a very detailed and personal form with a photo ID, and guess whAt, that department lost it and never returned our call. 5 days later, we called and they said, what records? LOL. A family member was recently seen in the ER then the 5th floor general and every so often, we received “consultations” from BS providers and denied their services. You had to see the look on their face when they were told no thank you. AND GUESS WHAT, we were still billed!! Isn’t this what we call fraud? This hospital is sinister. Save your life, go West or to NYC. No wonder half the hospital beds are empty. (7 months ago)

WORST HOSPITAL IN THE US!!! I wish I could give it negative stars! By all means, avoid this hospital. Staff is rude and disgusting! Neglects to tell you any information. The RN in the emergency room was so incompetent! I admitted my mom into the ER for a migraine and throwing up. When they admitted her, they just placed her into a little area and pulled the curtains. They neglected to lift up her bed or tell her to put on her garments. And when I told the RN that no one came to check on her, she got so rude with me. When I asked her what medication she's putting into the IV, she said, "I'm still putting in the medication. Don't you see me here. I didn't go anywhere." The way they treat patients and visitors is very disrespectful and frankly, they don't care about the patients. I work in Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in Somerset, and I have to say that Bayonne Hospital should not even be considered a Hospital. I felt like I was in the DMV!!! Oh and the nurse was wearing rings on her fingers, which make is more susceptible for patients to catch infectious diseases because bacteria get trapped under rings. One last thing...the place was soooooo noisy! and the noise was coming from the staff not even the patients! WORST WORST WORST HOSPITAL!! (a year ago)

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