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Cape Fear Valley Hoke Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Hoke County, NC.

Cape Fear Valley Hoke Hospital does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Cape Fear Valley Hoke Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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What I liked most about this place was how clean it looked when I was there, from the waiting area to the room I was in waiting for the medical professional. I also like the fact that I didn't have to wait for a long time. This hospital looks new and is very pleasant to the eyes. What I didn't like was the demeanor of two staff members I experienced. One nurse I seen first didn't understand what I was saying, got irritated and snatched a document out of my hand. I seen a grimace on her face. I was sent to a room to wait for a doctor, the wait wasn't too long. when he walked in I will never forget the look on his face, as I explained what was going on he stared at me with the most intense look I have seen. I immediately felt like I was hated. I could not look him in the eye at one point, I got a lump in my throat... that's when I notice he looked down. A home health nurse sent me there because my blood pressure was high from a blood clot in my neck and arm. He didn't think it was that big of a deal. He also knew that a nurse sent me there. He told me I had more serious problems like cancer. I felt like I wasted their time. I can only give this Hospital 2 stars. (2 weeks ago)

Patient who was a young minor with red flags upon triage was forgotten and after a 3 hour wait time there was no concern that she was forgotten. Noted that EMT-P doing triage was more concerned in flirting with an acquaintance who she used to watch play football in high school. After 3 hrs of waiting without any timeframe of care for this young minor, we left and sought care elsewhere where she was treated appropriately. There was no concern that this minor with red flags was leaving without care. As a colleague with the medical title of doctor, I am embarrassed that this experience occurred in a location I refer my patients to. It will be addressed with hospital admin in hopes of assessment and change as the facility itself is of good quality. (3 months ago)

Sat for 2hrs watching everyone who came in after me be seen. Some who showed no signs of any illness and some who just needed a work note because they layed out of work I would not recommend any cape fear hospital at all they don't care about there patients my worst experience with any place in my life shouldnt even get 1 star (4 weeks ago)

I just brought in my significant other who is a 100% disabled Veteran. He had three seizures and suffered a fall onto concrete where he hit his head and is possibly suffering from a concussion. He has no history of seizures which should be a red flag. He is also suffering from about a level 10 pain with pressure building in his head. I brought him in around 5:30PM. It is now 7:40PM as I am typing this. We have been sitting in a patient room waiting for a doctor and no one has come to give any type of pain medication whatsoever. I guess they don't take seizures and concussions seriously at this ER because they are taking their time like this is not a big deal. This is horrendous. These types of things aren't a game but it feels like that's how they are treating it. This is horrible service they are providing to a disabled Veteran. I will update the review as the visit goes on. *Update* A doctor T.Goldsboro came in to see my Veteran, was very rude and would not let me talk at first and kept trying to get answers out of my Veteran (I'm the Veteran's caregiver and I speak for him). I had to get rude with him and say no I speak for him since I was there and he doesn't remember what happened. The doctor got an attitude and listened. Then he tried to touch my Veteran (all the nurses know not to do this because of his really bad PTSD). I told him not to do this and his response was, "When you want to cooperate then I'll come back" and he slams the door and leaves. That is deplorable behavior especially from a doctor. **Update 8:10PM** Mr. T.Goldsboro came back after I complained to the staff about his behavior and he wanted to try and apologize and say we got off on the wrong foot. It felt half-hearted to me. Then he proceeds to try and tell me that PTSD doesn't cause the symptoms that we were trying to tell him it did. I then tell him that I went to UNC Chapel Hill and got a degree in Psychology so I know what I'm talking about. He then goes quiet and saecstically says, "Oh congratulations." He then goes on about how we got off on the wrong foot and he's going to take good care of us. So far he's been very rude to both me and my significant other. **Update 8:47** Nurse came in and finally took some blood work. Medication will hopefully follow soon. **Update 8:58PM** Nurse finally came in with some medication. I can say that the nursing staff was amazing and I give the nurses 5 stars because they were accommodating, polite, and actually seemed to care. *Edit 4/2/18* I was recently admitted into the hospital for a few days and it appears that they have done a major staff change since the last time I was there and wrote a review. All of the nurses were extremely polite and talkative. My favorite nurse was Jefferey. He's the best! Everything went smoothly and I never felt like I was forgotten about or anything. The staff actually seemed genuinely concerned and made sure that everyone who was staying at the hospital with me were comfortable. It was a great hospital stay experience. (a month ago)

My Husband was extremely concerned about me because I had been wheezing and coughing very bad for a little over a day, my ribs hurt soo bad felt like I'd been beat in them, so anyway they took me into Triage where the nurse wasn't friendly what so ever, took me to a room and left me in my own clothes and said the nurse should ber in and the x-ray people should be in shortly..well finally after 20 min. Nurse came in listened to me asked if i had asthma I said no, hooked me to a monitor and said the Doctor should be in a minute, yeah well about an hour and a half later the Doc. came to the door and said something about stickers and left for another 20 really? I'm wheezing so bad and ribs killing me and i felt horrible, she comes in listened to me only, then proceeded to stuff a long Q-tip down my throat and one up my nose (and I mean hard) and left without saying nothing else, after another 30 minutes the respiratory lady came in and gave me a breathing treatment then left without saying nothing, nurse finally came back and started an IV (just to get blood) then finally x-ray came and wheeled me..came back mind you this is over 3 hours later and nothing else has been done, a nurse came in and said some of my blood clotted and they needed more, she couldn't get any outta my IV?? And said she would call lab..The lady from lab finally came in (the only nice person in this place) and we still waited for another couple hours where until the Doctor came back in and said I'm fine just got acute "wheezy" Bronchitis and said I can go home? Yeah well I got my papers to go home nothing but 2 inhalers and about 6 things wrong with me, I asked about any antibiotics?? The answer NO..Well we finally left early in the AM..(The nurse that wheeled me out was hacking behind me) So I went home tried to sleep some and woke up freezing cold, my hubby checked my temp and it was 101, I'm still in major pain in my ribs and S.O.B. and now fever?? I will Not go back there again..I feel like I've gotten worse not better.. (2 months ago)

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