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Cape Canaveral Hospital in Cocoa Beach, Florida, is a full-service, not-for-profit hospital. We are a Baby-Friendly Hospital dedicated to to your health and well being

Cape Canaveral Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Brevard County, FL.

Cape Canaveral Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Cape Canaveral Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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I chose this hospital due to their online ratings, and am so grateful that I did. I felt calm just pulling in, and everybody from the security to first greeters were kind and professional. My nurse Jan, and her student nurse, Danielle, were both friendly, kind, skilled and just wonderful. Jan is an amazing teacher, and Danielle is going to make an awesome nurse! Dr. Chao was also kind and gentle, taking his time to discuss my situation and he wasn't pushy with treatment - let me choose what I felt comfortable with. My thanks to all the staff. (2 months ago)

Overall pretty decent. Friendly staff. Came in for high blood sugar, over 550. They brought it down quickly. Only real complaint was the selection of on floor snacks for patients. Limited to gram crackers, saltine crackers, peanut butter and jello. Otherwise, a good experience. Ty (3 months ago)

Gave birth, labor and delivery was great. Nurses very attentive and excellent with communication. Couldn't thanked them enough. Room and views of the water were awesome and beautiful. Food great ๐Ÿ˜Š. definitely would come here again. (3 months ago)

38 hours of pain and terible treatment. They failed to call the specialist. By the time they did it was 11pm and to late to get one in. I showed up a 5am. They denied me food for a simple outpatient procedure for 24 hours. Once I saw the specialist he was unhappy to see the ridiculous stuff they did to me and didn't understand why they didn't bring him in the day before. After he preformed the procedure they left me laying in blood and filth for over an hour before I gave up and cleaned my self in the bathroom. Total nightmare. I wouldn't take a stray cat here (4 months ago)

Summary: If you have a chronic illness that causes pain, do not go to this hosp. You will be treated w indignity and as if you are subhuman scum. To follow explains why. People go to the ER for a variety of reasons. Aside from accidents, heart attacks or strokes, the top two, in my extensive exp, is pain and infection/flues. I suffer from several chronic illnesses. One, and by far the worst, is Crohn's disease. Despite those idiotic Humara commercials, it's not just a case of having to use the restroom at lot. It's a disease that eats at the intestines causing lesions and fistulas that when in contact w stomach acid and due to other symptoms, makes it one of the most painful illnesses to have. It can also be life threatening. Severe pain, bloody intestines and nausea drives me to the ER when I can't keep my meds down and can no longer take the nonceasing pain. Unfortunately, Cape Canaveral Hospital in FL is in the heart of the country's pill-mill and doctor-created pill/drug addiction/OD epidemic that recently supplied the country w 80% of the nation's street narcotic pills. Despite a crack-down on these pill-mill doctors, their newly addicted patients turn to street drugs to handle withdrawal, and ODs increase. When these patients come to the ER, they are treated like scum and receive no help. They are currsurary looked at and discharged. The ER staff are fully aware of how they became addicted, yet do nothing to assist these ppl w rehab and turn them away. On the flip side, I am not an addict! I have had the Crohn's, as well as epilepsy and osteoporosis (from too much Prednisone) since my 20s. Yet I am treated like scum and have been accused countless times of being a drug addict by uncaring staff. Crohn's makes you thin, dehydrates you and I'm given similar meds as what the pill-mill doctors give. So just by looking at me, I've been told to my face I'm lying abt my illness that has me on full Medicare disability (in which the U.S. Govt verified my chronic condition) and a wealth of medical paperwork that supports my condition. Prior to getting Ill, I was a magazine editor. I can no longer work due to the symptoms of the illness itself, but also bc it's an auto-immune deficiency and I get sick often and for long periods of time. There is no job that will let me take off for weeks to even months at a time w no warning. I've been to many hospitals bc of my condition that began in Los Angeles where I grew up. I have never been treated w such indignity as I have at Cape Canaveral. The nursing staff and some doctors--not all, but too many--treat me w utter disrespect and inhumanity that now I refuse to go back there. I have formerly complained to the admin and discovered mistakes in my file, many, including one in which a doctor took one look at me and wrote, "Drug addict." I asked them to fix their errors, esp that one, and they refuse. With our medical records becoming all electronic, errors are made in the transfer process, but worse, that error will follow me now whereever I go. The only option I have is to sue to force them to fix my record, but I can't afford an attorney. So now I literally put my life at stake bc I refuse to be treated w such disrespect and indignity. (2 months ago)

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