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Desert in southeastern Arizona, Canyon Vista Medical Center serves residents in Sierra Vista, Fort Huachuca, Cochise County and our surrounding communities.

Canyon Vista Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Cochise County, AZ.

Canyon Vista Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Canyon Vista Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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I have been there twice in 2017. Once with a head wound. The receptionist was on her cell phone and never looked up at me, fill out the form have a seat. I sat for well over an hour and was never seen. No one else was in the waiting room the whole time. I was just ignored. No ice, no cloth for the blood, Nothing. My GP's were appalled that I was never seen. I spent months with constant vertigo. Months after the accident, I was finally able to get to see a Neurologist. Second time I went in. 911 had called ahead. I had cut my knee open severely. My daughter took me to that hospital. I checked in, by this time the packs that the 911 people put on me had been very bled through and was now leaving puddles where I walked. The rude receptionist was so busy in her conversation she wouldn't listen to me...fill this out go have a seat. I tried to tell her surgery was expecting me. She wouldn't listen. So like a good sheep I went and sat. There was an older lady and she said " honey, you're bleeding." I said "yeah, I know and their going to let me bleed to death." She saw the person having the conversation with the receptionist, walking away from the receptionist. She got his attention. He was a surgeon. He handed me a washcloth. Someone from behind that secret door came out. She cleaned me up and I showed her a picture of what was under all the packing, her face turned white, she took my phone and showed them I guess to someone rather important. I was taken back immediately. However and this still stumps me and my GP's, I was stapled together and sent home. No surgery. I will NEVER go back to the place where the receptionist is so inattentive and uncaring. She always talking to someone other than the client. She needs to do her job and it should be more about looking her clients in the eye and paying attention to what's in front of her. (a month ago)

Went to ER for extreme hypertension and low kidney function and was admitted to hospital from 5 thru 9 May 2018. Staff was courteous and respectful throughout my stay. My complaints if any was a 10 hour wait to get admitted from the ER to a room and the duty nurse upon discharge provided the wrong catheter equipment the first time and I had to call attention to that whereupon the problem was rectified. Other than that the care I received was quite good. (a month ago)

I had out patient surgery here almost three weeks ago. From admitting to discharge, I was treated with kindness and professionalism. Every person took time to make sure I was comfortable and to let me know what I could expect. I was anxious going in just because, but the staff quelled any apprehension and fears. I received a thank you card a few days later signed by some of the surgical staff and it was a very nice gesture. Thanks for making my experience as pleasant as you can make surgery. (4 months ago)

Terrible experience, my brother dislocated his finger which broke skin and they told him that they could fix it but of course, they couldn’t. They ended up holding him there for 7 hours, putting him under extremely strong meds TWICE, with two doctors yanking his finger to the result of them not fixing his finger but making the situation worse. Since they had put him under such strong meds and they were not able to help him, they made him take an ambulance to tucson, resulting in a $2000 bill. I advise to NOT go to this hospital, I have heard so many bad stories. It’s better to drive up to Tucson to save yourself from any extra pain and suffering. (3 weeks ago)

On a 1-10 scale this ER is a -10!! It is not equipped well enough to call it an ER. No one over night to do ultrasounds for ER then, only 1 person comes in to take care of ER and Hospital patients. Some nurses act like they hate their job so choose not to do it effectively at all and are very rude. Very poor communication and NO answers. If people who have abdominal pain and bleeding along with dizziness wait for so many hours then, you need more staff! Why did they not build a facility that could handle the needs of this town? Not being the 1st hospital they should have known a lot more to be better able to handle the demand. And many of the staff seem pretty clueless they do not have the knowledge to be working in such a place. If you actually want seen and diagnosed go somewhere else!! Seriously I've gotten more and better care at an Urgent Care facility (not in Sierra Vista). (3 months ago)

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