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Cambridge Health Alliance is an academic community health care system committed to serving all members of our communities. We have expertise in primary care, mental ...

Cambridge Health Alliance is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Middlesex County, MA.

Cambridge Health Alliance does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Cambridge Health Alliance is a government - local hospital.

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I have called the CHA cambridge financial office seeking for information about what type of insurance they take, the person that picked up the call was really unprofessional and rude, she was trying to go back and forth with me when i was just trying to get the information, she was approaching me in a rude way and trying to rush me, not only that she sounded angry like she didn't want to do her job, plus i had to explained to her 3 times the reason of my called, when she finally understood what i needed she tried to say that i was the one that couldn't understand her, she had a really nasty attitude people like that shouldn't be allowed to work with patients information. This is a really good hospital, i had my baby there but they need to hire better staff to deal with customer service and patients information. (a week ago)

Went to the hospital for a consultation for sinus problems. Doctor asked if he could check in my nose before i leave, so I said yes, assuming it wouldn't cost me anything else. Big mistake. This was me agreeing to a $685 procedure. They have a deal with the insurance company forcing this procedure to pay out more than charged for and leaving the patient with the bill. That short procedure cost me $685 after billing my insurance. I went in expecting a co-pay, and walked out breaking the bank. Question everything these doctors want to do to you, because they have no regard for how much something may cost a patient and won't explain procedures in full before performing them. Finding a new primary care. (3 weeks ago)

Unethical practice. I was triple charged for the same ER visit for a simple but serious respiratory infection. I received 2 separate bills from my insurance claiming they've sent over claims on the exact same line items multiple times, and filed it multiple times. Much malpractice in the insurance and billing department. (2 months ago)

Cambridge Hospital has the fastest ER I've ever been in. Almost every single staffer is courteous and puts the patient first. (We've been to CHA many times, having chronic illness in the family.) They're not the hugest hospital in the area--I got referred out to Mt. Auburn for a cardiac stent--but for basic emergency care and medical issues, they're great. Urology and podiatry are particularly good, and their mammograms are almost fun because of the staff! (5 months ago)

I'll start by saying I grew up in Cambridge and I was born in this hospital. I was always proud of this hospital and the way they operated. Given what has happened over the past few days involving the Psychiatric ward of the hospital I lost all faith. My brother lives with me and I have watched his mental health decline to the point where he was harmful to himself. I went the courts and he was sectioned for a 72hr evaluation in order to properly help my brother. The hospital released him in 48 hrs without actually conducting the proper mental health evaluations. If you care about your families well being do not bring your loved ones here. I would recommend Mass General or another psychiatric ward local to the Boston Area. (3 months ago)

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