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Bullock County Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Bullock County, AL.

Bullock County Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Bullock County Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

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I went in there to be treated for Anorexia but when I was overwhelmed by nausea it took hours to get me something to settle my stomach so I could eat. Not only that but when they gave me food I couldn't eat based on my vegan diet, they didn't give me anything to replace it when I gave it back. I ended up losing more weight, when I went in there to gain the weight back. It's like a prison, they neglect your needs, this is not the place to go if you need help. (3 months ago)

I needed care for drug addiction and this place advertised a special program to help detox. When I arrived I was seen in the ER because that is how I had to be admitted. The head nurse made extremely derogatory remarks about me being an addict as if it was something I did on purpose, something about my character. I was put on a medical surgical floor instead of the detox floor because they said my potassium was low and I couldn't go until it was up. The next day several people began coming in and out of my room asking questions about my addiction. A nurse came and pinched my arm and told me there was no drugs in my urine (I hadn't done any in 2 days) so was in full detox at that time. They began coming to my room early like about 7:30. After lunch a man came and told me since I had no drugs in my urine I would have to leave. The drug I was addicted to was a very powerful, short acting drug so even after a day it would be gone. They had sent a driver to pick me up at my home in Opelika and promised a driver to take me home. At about 3 PM they put me out in the street and told me it was my problem how I got home. Due to being sick for so long I don't know anyone but my 74 y/o mother who can't drive which was why I needed someone to pick me up anyway. It was late and very cold that day in late January. My phone wasn't charged. I was in a true bind and not one person there cared. As you can tell I did make it home but not due to anyone there helping me one bit. Several months later they sent a bill for almost 10,000 dollars. I was there one day. It has all kinds of charges for how they observed me while there, part of my problem due to my addiction was insomnia. Not one time did anyone enter my room to check on me after I got to my room from the ER. I believe this is a scam in the worst way and if they did that to me they will do it to someone else. I was polite, never did anything to deserve being put in the street. (a year ago)

I admitted a love one through the Emergency Room at Bullock Hospital for detox. The ladies in admitting were very nice and understanding as we filled out paperwork. The nurses in the ER were helpful and professional. The reason I am writing this review today is Dr. Stephen Hayden. This man was beyond pompous and rude. He treated my loved one with disgust as though he was not worthy of any care. My dear loved one went to shake Dr. Hayden's hand. The doctor not only didn't shake his hand but made an obvious facial expression of disgust. I stood by in disbelief as I have worked in emergency rooms myself. Being in the nursing profession I was taken back by this man attitude who sees himself as above others and entitled to judge others. My loved one came here for help not judgement. I sincerely feel this this doctor needs education on addiction, as well as, maybe a class in bedside manner and basic human compassion. Dr. Hayden's attitude almost caused my loved one to leave the facility when finally he wanted help. I pray that no one has to deal with this doctor. I also pray to God that Dr. Hayden gets help for himself. I have never felt so strongly about something that I needed to write this today. But if your loved one happens to need a detox hospital pray that the detox Doctor helps your loved one in the ER and not this man. My loved one almost left that day he was so anxious and sick. He felt ashamed enough about his problem. For a professional to make him feel that dirty in a place where this is the first stop on a road to recovery he should be ashamed. I am very thankful that the detox unit nurses, doctors and aides were compassionate and understanding. I am happy to say my loved one is doing well on his road to recovery. I am very thankful that I was able to stay with him for many hours in the ER that day for if I hadn't been there it would have been an entirely different outcome. Again, I thank admissions, ER nurses, and the wonderful detox and discharge professionals at this hospital. Sincerely, Margaret (a year ago)

My husband was admitted their for two weeks, sadly because he had a mental melt down, but the nurses that we dealt with where very sweet, understanding, caring, and informative. When we picked him up the nurses actually cried when he left, and to me that showed that they love their job and want the patients to do better. when we come to pick him up they made us feel comfortable waiting for him to discharge, also explained to us his condition and what needs to happen to help his condition. (3 years ago)

Good (a year ago)

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