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Broward Health North is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Broward County, FL.

Broward Health North does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Broward Health North is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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Worse Hospital in Florida. if you want to live don't go there, period! I went there with smallpox; my skin was burning!!!! I had a bad reaction to some medication I used at home, I went there with the worse pain of my life. They made me wait for 4 hours, didn't give a pill... When they finally got me in, instead of giving me some medication or something, they locked me in a room, YES, you heard right, they locked me in a room for about 3 more hours. That's the worse experience I've ever gone trough in my entire life. People there don't know the word COMPASSION. Horrible experience! (2 weeks ago)

This is my second time having surgery at Broward Health North... both times I was on the orthopedic floor (3 north, I believe) from the moment I was in outpatient admitting until my discharge from the floor, I can honestly say I had a wonderful experience!!! Everyone I came in contact with, EVERYONE, was polite, professional and had a smile on their face! Being in the medical profession for 35 yrs I know the stress and issues that come while working in a hospital setting, but all the personnel I encountered handled things very professionally! The nurses, PCAs, PT,OT, housekeeping and everyone else I came in contact with were superb! The orthopedic team is a well oiled machine that is super efficient!! I only hope these dedicated professionals are appreciated by their administration!!! (2 months ago)

Zero Stars! Is what this place deserves. Place is under staff and it shows when you have to sit for 2 hours in the ER to be check out! I couldn't walk and I came here (biggest mistake) and I was check in and my blood pressure was really high 'cause I was in a lot of pain. Instead of them giving me something to bring my pressure down. I was waiting in the lobby to be seen for 2 hours. I was there waiting with people that were bleeding from car accident and another with a busted head. You think they'll take them back? No, those poor people had to wait as well. I ended up having my family take me to Imperial Point. ER wasn't busy and they took me back seen how high my blood pressure was and did what they could to get it back to normal. I was put into a room right a way I didn't have to wait 2 hours to be seen. Imperial Point knows all about how crazy and short staff this place really is. For now own I'll be taking that trip to Imperial Point! (2 weeks ago)

My heart goes out to the nurses and doctors at Broward North. They are very dedicated and friendly. My husband was given the royal treatment from the moment he entered the emergency room to the time he was discharged. I am thankful for Tommy, Jacob, Martha, Sabrina and countless other nurses who deal with sick patients all day and do their best to make them comfortable. Love you all !!!!!!!!! (2 months ago)

The nurses were very kind. However, we noticed there were constant mistakes, the nurses don't communicate to each other. They almost gave my grandma double medication. Each nurse that came in had no idea about her medical history - and we had to keep explaining it to each nurse. There was confusion about her medications, things weren't documented well. They also serve the same food, super salty food & canned fruit & vegetables for a hypertensive / diabetic patient. There was this pulmonary device she had to breathe into 10x every hour she was awake - On the last night she was there she was told that is what she had to do with that device. It sat there for 3 days prior with nobody telling her to use it. There is also no doctor on staff at night. Would never go back to this hospital, it's scary that these people are responsible for lives. They need to improve their communication skills & protocols, absolutely atrocious. (2 months ago)

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