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Broward Health Imperial Point is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Broward County, FL.

Broward Health Imperial Point does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Broward Health Imperial Point is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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If I rate this as minus 5 stars it would still be too high a rating. I was at imperial point location 3 days. Disaster!!! Thank God I I did not allow them to perform the surgery they were suggesting. I flew back north and went to Yale hospital. Yale is 20 stars compared to Broward Health at imperial point road. They suggested surgical procedures that would have kept me there for 3 months. At Yale Hospital I was out in 3 days walking. (a week ago)

I was at Imperial point a few weeks ago and I love this hospital. I was hospitalized there before and the service was awesome. One of my favorite doctor works there. Overall an awesome hospital to be at when you are sick etc (a week ago)

My husband and I scheduled physicals with Dr. Philip George. He did the bare minimum (took blood pressures and asked about meds we were on) and scheduled blood work. We were told the lab would have the results to the doctor in two (2) days. When I called for the results a week (7 days) later, we were given a voice mail. The nurse (Mary) returned our call two (2) days after that and gave us her diagnosis (ILLEGAL) which caused us panic! She also told us the doctor would try to call us back when he got a chance. I called again six (6) days later and was told Dr. Philip George would call us the following morning at 9:00 a.m. He did not. I called the office that morning and was told he would call us at 2:00 p.m. He did not. He finally called at 2:45 p.m., and we had already given up waiting for his call and had gone to work. While we were were waiting to hear from Dr. Philip George, the nurse (Mary), who was livid that we had the audacity to not just go away, told us that she would re-up two prescriptions for us (which needed refilling). She tried to give us something (the first one) that we had NEVER used before - even though our medications were listed in our files AND (the 2nd one) that was also the WRONG prescription completely and would have had serious side affects had we not checked!! And she was angry that we told her we needed the CORRECT MEDICATION!! Dr. Philip George finally decided that we needed to redo the lab work, which was to take two days to get back to his office AND THE SAME THING HAPPENED AGAIN!!!!!! I went to the office and he happened to walk into the reception area while I was there, so I asked him why he blew off three phone appointments, which we had skipped work in order to receive. We were talking about a SERIOUS health issue!! His response: "I am old. I don't remember things." REALLY???!!!??? In front of witnesses!! Clearly he's not too smart either! The front desk is incompetent and beyond rude, as well as and including his nurse, Mary. The office manager (who seems to be the only competent one in the place) is doing her best to help this disaster of a medical office, but unless she can work magic, I see no cure. (2 weeks ago)

Just had a colonoscopy today. Everyone in outpatient surgery is outstanding , caring, compassionate, and professional. Special shout out to Dr. Lie b Singer, and nurses Ron, PK, Jennifer, and Monalisa. Really excellent quality of care. (4 weeks ago)

I was in the ER and nothing has changed. How about the new CEO getting some pillows, blankets, laundry hampers along with professional continuing education plus quality improvement rounds/monitoring with corrections. I was extremely cold with shaking etc and when I was shown to the examine room I asked for 3 blankets, pillow and CALL BELL. The male nurse, turned away, put down the papers and left the room. The next female nurse came in asked me what I needed told the same story and she walked out never seeing her again. Then the dr walked in with sheets stating we have no blankets, no pillows so I got covered with the sheets. No socks for the feet until the transport person took me to CT. Then a nurse came in and she started my care and did well listening to all my complaints. The laundry hamper was overflowing with dirty linens and after some time the linen was removed. Apparently this was the only usable hamper so the fire department staff would walk in to my examining room and dump their laundry. So much for privacy. So in my discharge papers contacts were listed if you did not strongly agree with satisfied care. Called up Lola the Regional Manager of ER who answers phone stating Lola. I thought I had the wrong number but I did not. Went on to describe my complaints in which she offered some apologies which I was not interested in. Then she starts getting dismissive to me telling me other patients have been satisfied and I told her maybe they did not know what standards were unmet such as having blankets available, infection control procedures etc. Failure to provide a call bell is inexcusable and will not be corrected by a reminder. How about some direct monitoring. Regarding complaints about the staff performance she would provide education reminders. WELL THIS PROBLEM REQUIRES MORE THAN REMINDERS. I THEN UNDERSTOOD WHY THE STAFF HAD NO PROBLEM WITH THEIR PERFORMANCE. They did not know better and she could care less. So I then sent an email to the ER Medical Director Carralero MD and no response as of yet. I am writing this with the objective of getting this nursing staff to do nursing, have the facility obtain adequate linens, and have the dirty laundry removed timely and provide adequate hampers so the fire department do not come in the examining room violating my rights as well as infection control standards. The staff should know to provide call bells but they do not b/c they do not want to answer the bell just like they pull the curtain so you can not see them socializing in the nurses station. This review was not written for or by Robert Alderman but JoAnn Alderman (a month ago)

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