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Broward Health Coral Springs, located in the heart of Coral Springs, is a 200-bed community hospital providing comprehensive general medical and surgical services to ...

Broward Health Coral Springs is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Broward County, FL.

Broward Health Coral Springs does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Broward Health Coral Springs is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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I delivered both my kids at this hospital, All the Staff throughout the hospital is great, very friendly and very helpful. Nurses are great, excellent attitude and very patient I left thank you gifts for all the nurses that took care of us. They deserve the best! Hospital is very clean. Food is not bad for hospital food. I also got my gallbladder removed here and I had a great experience overall. (3 months ago)

Nurses are wonderful, but the billing department has NEVER made things easy. If I knew it was going to be this hard, I would have gone somewhere else for treatment. They’ve sent bills to the wrong insurance on multiple occasions, they’ve placed charges on the wrong dates and then told me that they could not change it until AFTER they got the bill back from insurance. Nonetheless, that exact bill got sent to collections even though insurance has not been finalized, but they told me that I needed to wait for a final, fixed, bill and that I was doing the right thing by continuously calling. I am so disappointed by the way things have been handled and the pure lack of organization, attention to detail, and honesty that the billing department has shown. After reading others’ reviews, it seems I am not the only one going through this. (2 months ago)

I delivered my first born on Thursday. Wow! I'm speechless. The care they give you is amazing. I truly felt cared for and felt like everyone was very kind and informative! Very patient as well. (Plus, free breakfast, lunch and dinner? Thank YOU!) (2 months ago)

I had an out patient procedure and have nothing bad to say about this hospital! Every single person I came across had great customer service and were very helpful ! It was clean and organized and I was in and out in a timely fashion. Great experience. (a month ago)

The attitude that 'the elderly must have dementia, be too old to be of use, and are a liability' is alive and prevalent in Coral Springs Medical Center. This is my 3rd experience with a loved one in this hospital. The night supervisor for the ward the patient was in had a serious attitude issue. She was curt and unkind. Conversations with her and other staff revealed the perception that geriatric family members and patients were insufficient in cognitive ability simply due to age. Compassion and kindness are markedly missing in this clinical environment. There is absolutely no understanding of patient and family dynamics in the quality of care. In this case, an older patient wanted a spouse present at all times. In the kingdom of this hospital, every excuse they could muster was thrown at us to assure the patient was alone at night. Research clearly shows that having families in the patient room improves patient outcome and reduces length of stay. Reduction of the stay is not only good for the patient and their family, but it improves hospital profit. Since the nurse to patient ratio has drastically changed in recent years, assistance from the family member is essential in lightening the burden on non-medical needs (ie: water, another blanket, restroom.) Additionally, patient falls are reduced as the family member is assisting with restroom trips as opposed to the patient moving about tethered to an IV pole by themselves. Compassion and appropriate patient / family relations aside... A few issues that stuck out: While a test was being performed, a personal conversation between the tech in the room performing the test, and a person standing outside the door was going on (unprofessional and uncomfortable for the patient), Medication that was taken daily but missed due to the ER visit was not given to the patient till 24 hours later and contributed to an extra day in-house. An issue that arose and became more serious was not even noticed or attended to for many hours till a family member complained even after the patient had mentioned it multiple times. Medicare aged patients are abundant in South Florida, and thus a large portion of any hospital's income. This hospital most certainly puts their income earnings in jeopardy with the Medicare population. It is not at all surprising the rating for this hospital on Medicare Compare is so low. Unfortunately, when an ambulance is called you are often forced to go to this hospital. Poor experiences put patients in further jeopardy after leaving the facility, as they will not be inclined to use an ambulance again and thus take longer getting care by having someone drive them to Ft. Lauderdale or Memorial Health System. If you are older or have an older loved one, and have a choice, do not go to this facility. What a waste of taxpayer money. (2 months ago)

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