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When you need medical care near you, trust the healthcare experts at Bronson Battle Creek Hospital in Battle Creek, Mich.

Bronson Battle Creek Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Calhoun County, MI.

Bronson Battle Creek Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Bronson Battle Creek Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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Had to go to the ER. After reading the reviews I will firmly disagree. But then again i have a brain and I'm not an opiate seeker. You can read these reviews and do a psych assessment on each author. They believe they are number one and screw everyone else. Fortunately there is something called triage so their "emergency" has to wait because there are a few people ACTUALLY dying that have to bump them. Welcome to efficient medicine people. If you survived 6 hours in a waiting room that means you could. The rest of the reviewers were in fact drug addicts. Sorry. You running out of pills isn't an emergency. It is a problem. But mainly a problem like how mice are a problem. They shouldn't clog the ER for the 3 year old having a seizure or the 70 year old having a stroke. Cry me a river all of you. I will GLADLY wait 3 hours for the burn to my arm. Oh, and the ER "misgendering" a patient isn't a reason to give them 1 star. You realize that there is a reason people are labeled Male or female in medicine, right? Just because you label yourself, let's say male, doesn't opt you out of having to take a pregnancy test just because you identify being a Male. The hospital would be liable if let's say, hmmm you were pregnant the the baby died because of a diagnostic test or procedure. Yep I know you are thinking that it is unlikely but it has happened. People use something like "I'm going through gender change" to hide something shady from their significant other sitting right there next to the hospital bed. Give me a break. Sued if you do and sued if you don't. Medicine has to be 1 2 3 black and white. I can't come in and say I identify with what ever the hell I want and complain when I'm hurt because of what I said. Jesus. Grow. The. Hell. Up. (in the last week)

The Emergency room team members where very professional,helpful and patient. They got me right in to the doctors. (a month ago)

my boyfriend and i are here because he has migranes and they keep mis gendering him and refused to change it, THEY ARE A NON TRANS FRIENDLY PLACE IF YOU ARE TRANSGENDER YOU WILL BE MISGENDERD IT ISNT PROFESSI9NAL WHAT SO EVER AND DEMEANING its sad how they have 0 respect for others its really upsetting and unsettling to see doctors act this way toward someone seeking help (a month ago)

My husband and I just left this deplorable facility. We literally watched as a horrible young blonde working the nurses station b made fun of a young clearly austic boy. My husband has a kidney stone and id in horrible pain. After waiting 6 hours we left to seek help at any other hospital. This was our first visit here and with our family's serious medical conditions it will most certainly be our last. Unprofessional, unclean and unsafe. (a month ago)

I'm in the hospital here in battle Creek and let me tell you something This hospital is the very best hospital that I be ever in my whole life the Doctors and nurses and the care assistance is excellent and extremely nice they really are taking care of my needs and wants I'll never forget what they have done for me I'll name names of all the very special people here at this hospital and they are Layne, Joe, Joel,Peggy, Brittany and darci,and alot more Dawn Ashly Cassie Rachel (1) Rachel (2) both wonderful people Shammayne Jenny,Dr.niec,Dr.miller,Dr.barthalomew, and many many more and as I remember everyone I'll come back and add more!!! There's no women in this world that I would rather have, but these women are exceptionally wonderful and they have made my stay here the best ever I hate going home and one more lady I'll never ever forget and her name is . MAGGIE THE BEST THERE IS IN WOUND CARE!!!! THANKS SO MUCH LADIES FOR TAKING CARE OF ME And gentlemen ILL NEVER OR COULD EVER ASK FOR ANY MORE CARE FROM THEM THAN THEY ALREADY DID THANK GOD FOR YOU ALL !!!!! SINCERELY, LAURA BAILEY (3 months ago)

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