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A general, medical and psychiatric hospital providing health care to residents of Polk County. Located in Des Moines.

Broadlawns Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Polk County, IA.

Broadlawns Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Broadlawns Medical Center is a government - local hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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I do not recommend this place at all if you have mental health issues. The ER where I was first before going over to the crisis center (They didn’t have any beds in their in-patient care unit) was absolutely wonderful, great staff loved them all. But once I got to the crisis center things went down hill. I finally was brave enough to ask for help and all they do is give you meds to make you feel numb. Not everyone is a pill popper. Thanks to you I don’t know when I’ll be brave enough to seek help. (a month ago)

Used to love this clinic! But it is getting worse by the day!! The demand that you be 15 mins early and then you have to wait a minimum of a half hour AFTER your appointment before you get seen. We have currently been setting here for an hour!! And his appointment was 40 mins ago!! Absolutely ridiculous!! (3 weeks ago)

That's what they did to my arm after poking me three times to get a blood draw. The lab called me today to say they didn't run the tests in time and need me to come back for another draw. Um, NO! (3 weeks ago)

BIGGEST FIVE STAR REVIEWS FOR THE BEST PATIENT NAVIGATOR & COMMUNITY SERVICES COODINATOR: MS. KRISTINE KEARNEY This is my first time to share publicly about my long-term mental health disabilities, which were caused by a single violent tragedy. If you are thinking about killing yourself or doing other unimaginable things due to your unbearable situations, you must “hear” what I have to say to you. I had it much rougher than what most of you can imagine. And, as many of you will not be surprised to hear, most of my health care providers, even those who specialized in mental health, did not invest the respectable level of care and compassion to their patients who suffered from the mental health challenges. Most of them just coldly “prescribed” medications and other quick “remedies” that lacked the required professional care. I even had a psychiatrist who told me that I should just kill myself if I was feeling so depressed. But, I can tell you that there is a real HOPE. If you “fight” to search for the right health care professionals -- and even friends, they are out there. Trust me when I say that you can NOT “beat” the loneliest medical illness on your own. Do not give up. Do not let those irresponsible health care “experts” and your “loneliness” bring you down. Mental health can be the loneliest, longest medical journey because most of us hide our problems in shame. And, we suffer silently in the deepest, darkest parts of our hearts and souls. I shall pray for you . . . for FAITH, for HOPE, and for LOVE. MS. KRISTINE KEARNEY, a highly-dedicated, a highly-caring, and a highly-productive Patient Navigator at Broadlawns Outpatient Behavioral Health, and other incredible Broadlawns medical professionals have proven to me that there are good people (good professionals) who can help you, even if you are at the lowest point in your life. BIGGEST FIVE STAR REVIEWS FOR THE BEST URGENT CARE CLINIC PHYSICIAN: DR. PAUL W. BAUMERT, JR., MD I went to see my new medical specialist at Broadlawns, but I was not able to see my specialist due to my poor planning and timing. MS. KRISTINE KEARNEY, who happens to be a totally awesome Patient Navigator at Broadlawns, convincingly and correctly recommended that I go see their Urgent Care Clinic physicians who can help me get through until I see my specialist at a new rescheduled appointment. As many of you may have experienced, too many Urgent Care Clinic physicians tend to be not as caring and competent as they should be. However, DR. PAUL W. BAUMERT, JR., MD of Broadlawns’ Urgent Care Walk-In Clinic was totally awesome. He was able to help me with multiple issues most skillfully, thoughtfully and efficiently. I am so glad for our greater community that Broadlawns’ professional staffs are now much better than those at other medical centers that only seem to care about making health insurance companies happy and boosting their financials. BIGGEST FIVE STAR REVIEWS FOR THE MOST CARING PHYSICIAN: DR. ROBERT L. BENDER, M.D. When we see medical specialists, we “hold” our breaths so that we do not laugh at their pompous attitudes and hypocritical presence. They talk and walk as if they are doing us a big favor by seeing us and treating us. They have totally forgotten the medical school graduates’ oaths, whether they are the old ones -- or the new ones that supposed to reflect the modern medical practices and climates. But, in reality, medical specialists exist for us, the patients. God gave them extraordinary training, talents and skills to serve us and to treat us -- as humans and as patients. Sadly, we must be patient with their transparent arrogances and even their costly negligence. But, I must tell you about a real HOPE. DR. ROBERT L. BENDER, M.D. stunned me with his exceptional professionalism and sincerity. As I witnessed him in action of compassion and competence, I prayed to God that my older son can also become such a great physician to all his patients. -- Posted by Mr. Changyon Pak; Proudest Resident of Iowa; Founder of “Lights of Hopes” International (2 weeks ago)

I read today one of my good friends posted a heartfelt statement about this hospital. Apparently when you attempt to be seen for emergency mental health services they just assume you are drunk without lab testing and send you on your way. No regard for the severity of mental health issues. Just because you cannot physically see a illness does not mean it is not there. Disapointing to say the least. (3 months ago)

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