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Bridgton Hospital - It's Your Health. It's Your Choice. Serving Bridgton and surrounding areas in Maine. Part of the Central Maine Healthcare group.

Bridgton Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Cumberland County, ME.

Bridgton Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Bridgton Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I was so impressed today with tje care and attention my daughter in law received the doctor and nurse that took care of her.the nurse Jessica was incredible there are no other words for the upmost care she delivered and the doctor had a wonderful bedside manner his name is doctor peter clark i want to thank you all for the care you gave to my daughter today yo made her feel so comfortable while she was in so much pain thank you once again (3 months ago)

Had the best experience with Dr. Maresh and his nurse Cerise for the terrible situation . They were great with my infant daughter today . So professional and kind ! (a month ago)

ER experience in Bridgton has been mixed, depending on who the staff is. Some have been excellent, caring individuals. This review is about my last experience there, just over 2 weeks ago. My aunt passed out and fell onto her left side at our home. She was totally unresponsive, and I called 911. A neck brace was put on her. The ambulance said they were required to take her to the nearest hospital, which was Bridgton. I followed after getting my car out of the snow. When I arrived, she was alert. The doctor said she had a large bruise on her left arm and wrist, which they x-rayed. It was fine. They got her up and she walked ok with a walker, so she was sent home. No effort to find cause of blackout. Not even mentioned that she had passed out on her discharge papers. Nothing about the neck. Or that she arrived on a stretcher. She was there in ER exactly 1 hour. Less than 48 hours later, she awoke with severe left back/shoulder pain, asking to be seen by a doctor. She had been a stoic army nurse, so I listened and drove her to Memorial Hospital in North Conway. They did a lot for her: CT scan of head, thinking she may have fallen and then blacked out with a concussion. X-rays of back and shoulder. Fluids, because she was really dehydrated. Bloodwork, discovering a UTI. They really took care of her. I gave them 5 stars. (4 months ago)

If you want the front desk staff to loudly announce that "You're having a mammogram?" in front of everyone in the waiting room, you should go to Bridgeton Hospital. The girl announcing this at me was really shrill. If you like being repeatedly poked in the armpit during breast imaging and asked ignorant, personal questions such as, "Are you sensitive there?" you should go to Bridgeton Hospital. In my own case, this behavior gives me the creeps. I resent having overgrown children involved in my healthcare and hope they hire and properly train new people. What's more is when I walked in one day and was not even a client of theirs and I asked them if they had their department phone numbers on the web. The lady at the counter answered "no." and that turned out to be a lie. Their website does in fact have all the phone numbers just like most hospital websites. Then she demanded to know what department I wanted. I answered "imagining." Then she demanded to know what type of imaging and I did not answer. Then she demanded to know if I wanted "a mammogram" in front of everyone in the waiting room and this was none of her business, nor is it the business of everyone in the general area! They do not respect patient privacy and dignity. They do not have a right to make a spectacle out of their clients. (5 months ago)

unable to reach billing dept,after calling several times!They need more help! (5 months ago)

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