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Braxton County Memorial Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Braxton County, WV.

Braxton County Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Braxton County Memorial Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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THIS PLACE IS A JOKE! DO NOT EVER EVER GO HERE!! Went there this morning 6-9-18 my husband took me there we are from out of state and I woke Up with a 102.6 temp heart rate was 117 and mind you I have cardiac issues on top of going through chemo... the Dr stuck his head out and asked “are you here to be seen and my hubby said yes and told him what was going on and the Dr says “well just sit in the waiting room we will get to her when we can” so this stupid B**** of a so called nurse comes out to get my info and is so rude and nasty it’s BS....I’ve been an RN for 15yrs and NEVER would I think About treating someone that way! And the Dr sat behind the desk eating cereal so clearly that was more important than making sure patients were ok! My hubby got so pissed off due to the second girl being rude he put me in the car and flew to Weston.. LORD HELP US BECAUSE WE WILL BE IN THIS AREA FOR THE NEXT YEAR and never will I go Here again (a month ago)

I had to go to this hospital on several occasions as it is our local hospital. My niece especially has had some very serious injuries due to seizures. The staff was very polite and caring and the doctor did a very good job of stitching her wounds. She loves hugs and high fives. The staff treated her very well even after the tenth high five and hug. This was in the emergency department. It pretty much depends on the staff and situation what kind of experience you will have there. I have had to be a patient before and one time it was a good experience, the next was terrible because the nurse I had was quite rude and seemed preoccupied with talking to coworkers. I will say the outpatient services are very good. If you need labs, x-ray or other inpatient procedure, they can be quite quick and the ladies there that check you in are very helpful and polite. (6 months ago)

Very bad experience. The dr was rude, the nurses were worse, I even told one you don't have to be so mean ya know. I had a horrible migraine and they didn't help me at all. They stole my nose ring when I took it out for a CT scan. They made me sit in the waiting room until my Ride showed up. My husband tried to call and check on me and they were rude to him too. The worst part was they said I failed a drug test for meth ( just found out today that my stomach pill shows up for meth ) and told me to go home the meth caused my headache and stop doing drugs. ( I've never touched meth) I'm still suffering from the headaches and it's been over a week. If it ends up being something bad going on, I plan to sue for discrimination. Even though I am not one, meth heads are people too lol. Worst hospital visit of literally my entire life. If I could give 0 stars I would. (2 months ago)

Probably the worst hospital i have ever been too. The surgical center burnt my neighbors face during surgery after prepping the area with achohol. Then they gave him 3 spoiled milks and less pain medicine they he takes daily. Dr.Pierson , ( the surgeon ) didnt notice the fire and my friend suffered scars on his face and neck. (4 months ago)

I went to the ER at 11:30pm to take my friend for a allergic reaction. The hospital is a disgrace, and the service from the nurses and doctor was unsatisfactory. None of the nurses would come to check in, and had a bad attitude. The doctor was rude and didn't help much at all. He didn't even tell us how to do to treat it. We got there at 11:30pm and didn't leave until 3am. All they did was give her a steroid shot and write her a prescription. The ER was only tending to three patients including ourselves and it took them that long. Every time I poked my head out the window the doctor and nurses were always goofing off and joking around in the office. We will never be going back. (10 months ago)

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