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Brattleboro Memorial Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Windham County, VT.

Brattleboro Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Brattleboro Memorial Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I have had several health emergencies and four major surgeries at this hospital and I think it is a deeply caring and professional institution. Our community is fortunate indeed. I hit the nurse's bell and help is at my bedside in one minute or less. The doctors are experienced and always take the time to answer questions and help me make sound decisions about my health. The rooms and public areas are comfortable and cheerful. The emergency room is responsive and thoughtful, even on busy holiday weekends. And hey, the food is very very good. I have been a patient at a couple of major big city medical institutions where the almighty personnel were impersonal and the public areas were grubby. I prefer to get my health care here at BMH. (2 years ago)

I was brought to the ER with a head injury. The wound on my forehead was glued back together, but other than that and a pair of tylenol I reveived no treatment. I waited patiently for imaging and neurological examination, but was instead informed that I was being discharged because they "needed the bed". I was discharged against my will, over my strong objections, and essentially evicted from the ER in the middle of the night with a concussion into medically unsafe curcumstances of which the staff were fully aware. The nursing staff were verbally abusive bullies who attemped as a group to intimidate me into signing discharge papers. When i explained I had no transportation and was staying by myself in a motel and would be alone overnight if I went there, their response was I could "sit in the waiting room." (2 years ago)

Their antiquated policies on visitation are absolute bull@&)). There should be no reason that a spouse cannot stay by the side of their loved one while recovering from a surgery many, in fact all hospitals I've been around in the past few years have no problem with letting your spouse stay with during the recovery process after surgery, with the exception of this nazi run facility if your looking for top flight companionate care and the feeling of being treated like an adult don't go here stay away from this place as much as you can the emergency services are a joke the nursing staff is terrible and the hospital policies are ridiculous (2 years ago)

Another failure to communicate. My parents are being bounced from pillar to post by Brattleboro Hospital. The most recent miscommunication involved the failure of this hospital to get my father's MRI results in the right hands for a critical examination at Dartmouth–Hitchcock Medical Center. This appointment was a referral through Brattleboro to the wound clinic at DHM. Dispite being assured three times by staff at Brattelboro that this necessary MRI was sent to DHM wound center- it was not there the next day when my parent made the two hour drive north. Neither DHM nor Brattleboro were able in the 4 hours my parents were at DHM to rectify the situation. I ask you- how hard is it to send an electronic file and then confirm by phone that the file has been recieved? The subsequent examination by the doctor at DHM was brutal. Without the MRI she dug into his ulcers in his feet and reopen wounds to make her assessment - My father bled all the way home and by the time my Mom got him in bed his bandages were soaked through. This is not medical care it is torture. (3 years ago)

He is an weird kid who sits next to me in math class and always plays/sings Christmas music. (a year ago)

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