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The skilled medical staff at all of our Bozeman Health locations is dedicated to providing excellent medical care to the people of Gallatin, Madison, and Park Counties.

Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Gallatin County, MT.

Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Just to be clear, this feedback is spot on. I am a healthcare executive with years of experience and I wanted to respond to inform people what to do when they have a complaint with this facility, a healthcare provider, or anyone that carries a license in the state of Montana. If you file a complaint with the CEO (in this case it would be Mr. Hill who is the CEO) the buck stops there. The reason I say this is for several reasons. Executive administration wants to keep things in house & protect their employees, support staff, & their environment & reputation, & in this case, "the lack of". I do think that people get into healthcare initially because they want to make a difference & help people out (this is good) but a lot of people (e.g. physicians, nurses, CNAs, support staff, billing/revenue cycle people, general staff, etc) get burned out by the inadequacies of management and the inefficiencies in operations. We all have bad days, but we know healthcare is expensive and we want the best service possible for ourselves and our loved ones. If you are the patient, or you have a friend or family member who is the patient, & they have a bad experience with the care or administration, I do believe in reporting it to the hospital & management. HOWEVER, if you really want to see some changes in healthcare, report the incident to Montana State Medical Examiners Board. You can do this unanimously. Call them and you will talk to a "real" person and they will give you all the time you need to express your concerns. They don’t rush you and they seem to genuinely care about you. In turn they open a report for this person(s). They reach out to the healthcare provider and this can be very embarrassing for them. This record follows them forever. So, if they go to another facility, or another state, this record follows them. The only way healthcare will change is to make that call. CEOs & administration staff are busy so once you make that call to Helena, at times they even require the provider to drive out & visit with the board. The board is awesome, and they are all human but until the public starts to reach out to the Medical Examiners Board, the care you receive in a healthcare facility will be sub-par. You may be fortunate and receive good care one time, but I can tell you better go buy a lottery ticket if you receive the same outstanding care again which unfortunately is not likely or common. If the general public knew that physicians in clinics and hospitals are pressured from administration in the hospital to see so many patients per hour, or if they knew of the initial under-staffing that takes place and not filling FTEs so they essentially can put more money in their pockets, or the complexity in Billing, etc. Many hospitals use templates for their operations (not specifically designed software which would come in handy), are heavy on meetings and emails, then the public would start to cry out and start asking questions on why we are paying so much for healthcare services. I tell you because we have too many people doing the same things in the healthcare setting and are not willing to change because the money keeps rolling in. Try calling the CEO of our hospital and see if you ever get a call back. Most people in Administration are so out of touch with the real issues and they are more concerned about making more money and offering more services, but not worried about fixing the underlying issues before growing. What a waste of money and it costs everyone money including the private payer, insurance companies, as well as the government payers. I know we say, well they have the money, but I can tell you the private payer who struggles to make their premium payment and have health insurance for their family (which is many of the middle-class people) will tell you these costs keep going up yet nothing changes in the system. So, pick up the phone and call The Montana Medical Examiners Board. Or you can at least threaten to call them, and you will see managers, supervisors, and CEOs start to respond. (2 weeks ago)

I am a healthcare worker in the Phoenix area. My mother and father went to the ED today at Bozeman Deaconess when he woke up with persistent nausea/vomiting, tremors and unable to stand. He is going through radiation therapy after having a prostatectomy (in Phoenix) for prostate cancer. The highlight of the experience was when my 62 year old mother wheeled dad out of his ED room letting them know he needed a bathroom break. Nurse Missy said okay, pointed in the general direction of the bathroom and watched her wheel him away. My 62 year old mother then grabbed him up from his armpits and hoisted him over to the toilet. Now, in my hospital, we don’t let family members lift patients up and down. They seem to do things differently there. I am actively looking for a flight to go help take care of things. In the meantime, I am very frustrated with their general lack of concern for my family. I have plenty more stories to tell in the short three hours that they have been there, but that one really infuriated me. On a side note, when I called to “visit” with the charge nurse, he was understanding and tolerated my dissatisfaction quite well. (2 months ago)

Treated us poorly. I understand the nurses are under stress but they could have been a lot nicer to the wife of the paitient. I can't give this place enough bad reviews. These people stink.'= The incompetence is unbelieveable as well (2 months ago)

Had to come here after a skiing accident, really wish there had been a different choice. The staff were nice, but the administration was awful, they wanted to pretend like my insurance didn't exist. (2 months ago)

Great medical care. Nurses are very good with patients (2 months ago)

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