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601 E 14TH ST, SEDALIA, MO 65302
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601 E 14TH ST

Bothwell Regional Health Center, University of Central Missouri to sponsor free sports medicine clinic Coaches, athletic directors, athletic trainers, parents and ...

Bothwell Regional Health Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Pettis County, MO.

Bothwell Regional Health Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Bothwell Regional Health Center is a government - local hospital.

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I went to Bothwell emergency room very sick. Dr. Hill and his nurses were amazing. Dr. Hill is a very good doctor. He definitely deserves recognition. Thank You Bothwell!!!! (3 months ago)

ER was horrible. Took a friend in for a dog bite on her face. Say in the room the staff gave us for couple minutes to ask what happened then left. Houres latter the ER Doc came in and told us about how dog bites causes infection and they couldn’t stitch the wound up tight than left. Sat for couple more hours till they finally cleaned it. I left the room to go to the bathroom and seen staff on their phones showing photos to one another. Cool and my friend is in there in paine. Doc finally comes in and stitches her up. We got there at 9:45pm and left at 2:00am as the nurse was getting things together I said it must be crazy busy tonight in the ER? She looked at me and said no it’s really slow. Hm that took so long to get my friend cleaned up and stitches in her? (5 months ago)

I wouldn't have given any stars but had to in order to write a review. This place has NO BUSINESS dealing with labor & delivery nor the care of newborns because they have absolutely NO clue what they're doing! Many smaller hospitals DO NOT attempt to care for L & D nor infants & BOTHWELL needs to be the same way. (5 months ago)

i have an abscess. i, [even after the horrible "visit" we had to endure 2 weeks ago, when bf checked in at 3pm..we watched the waiting room empty out completely except for us..and then watched them start calling "new" patients while we were still left sitting there..we were told that they were "so sorry, it was just really busy"..dr on that visit said she was just going to have an xray ordered so that we could finally go home..after the nurse checked the second time and found out that no one had shown up yet to take him (at this time, it was over an hour since dr said it was ordered), the nurse said "I'll just take him myself to make sure he gets there"..when ALL of that was finally done, then [because all the pharmacies were now Long past closing time, we asked for the prescriptions could be transferred to the 1/2 the distance away from home so I didn't have to drive 2 hrs round trip to get them the next day when the pharmacy re-opened..after this was argued about, they finally gave in and actually sent them.] quite unfortunately, taking the chance that the last visit was an "accident", went there yesterday to just get an antibiotic. YEAH. after it took Over 3 hours to get called back for the initial examination, the dr passing by the room saw what i looked like, stopped and waited to tell me he was ordering the antibiotic now to get it started, and would be back to finish the exam.. I thought at this time, when I was told I could check out, I was finally going to get to go home [crying for over 2 hours in waiting room because Tylenol only lasted 2 hours; used up the first hour to drive there]. NOT EXACTLY. When I got to the pharmacy [this time it was Not 1:30am like 2 weeks ago].., I gave her the discharge papers, showing the date and time of what was prescribed..and that's when my fun started..she said that what i handed her was not a "real prescription", and the pharmacist would not fill "without a real prescription".. the clerk actually did call the hospital, and put the pharmacist on.. i got to listen to her side..her ending comment was "if there isn't a real prescription you will send, I'M not filling the Rx" [I had no idea just how bad this was going to get, yet..] wow. I next asked the clerk "So now I have to go Back to the hospital to get the 'real rx' to bring back here?" She said yes. I went back to the hospital. the hospital said that the pharmacy was now closed [o.m.g., Seriously?!!!], but they certainly would send it to the 1/2-the-distance-away-from-home-pharmacy.. know what the close pharmacy told me this morning? they could see where it was sent to the far pharmacy last night, but THE Hospital lied to me, and Never Sent It. (4 months ago)

I've had mixed experiences with the hospital Bothwell Regional Health Center, but overall they were very positive. The ER is organized and the doctors for the most part are knowledgeable. I have a rare syndrome most doctors have never heard of, but an ER doctor not only knew what it is, but how to treat it. My syndrome also causes bad scarring, and when I got stitches at the ER by a Nurse Practitioner, my finger was sewn up so well that I barely have a scar. Even though there was tissue loss, the NP was able to still sew my finger up perfectly, regardless of the missing tissue. I was a patient admitted to the hospital once, and everyone but one nurse was so friendly that they really put my anxiety at ease, and made an unpleasant situation as pleasant as possible. I've had four rounds of physical therapy at Bothwell. The first therapist I saw didn't have a good bedside manner, and was only moderately effective. I saw a different therapist the second and third round, and she was AMAZING! She was even trained with a Masters at Mayo Clinic. The receptionists at the physical therapy department are incredibly nice, they're some of the nicest people I've ever met. My fourth round of physical therapy was with a different therapist, as the other one had retired. I wasn't impressed with that therapist, as she made me uncomfortable with so much religious talk, and she didn't help me one bit, ignoring the parts of my body I requested help with. UPDATE: I recently had someone close to me have a seizure and 911 was called. I witnessed the EMTs standing there laughing, not helping this person at all. While I was trying to find a pillow to put under my friend's head, the EMTs laughed and didn't help me. It was up to me to take care of my friend, because they certainly won't do it. Then, before the EMTs left, they starting making fun of my friend for having seizures! I've never witnessed such unprofessional actions in my life. Unfortunately, I don't have the EMTs names, but Bothwell really needs to look at who they are hiring closer, and they need to fire EMTs who think seizures are funny events to laugh at. While this person was painfully seizing in the floor, the EMT workers just stood there laughing! What is wrong with these people? How could you go into a helping profession, only to treat people like that? This review used to have 5 stars, but that was before the incident with the EMTs. (5 months ago)

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