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Bon Secours St Francis Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Chesterfield County, VA.

Bon Secours St Francis Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Bon Secours St Francis Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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One on the best hospitals! No one wants to be in the hospital but if it ever came a time when you had to, I will say St.Francis is one of the most warm,personable,compassionate,caring, empathetic hospital/healthcare facilities you can find! Saying that the nurses, nurse technicians, dietary workers and doctors are the best would be a understament , they are extraordinary!!!! (in the last week)

Staff is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Traveling nurse was 10x helpful/kind than almost all the staff combined. Nearly killed my mother (OD). Promised a heating pad, would never bring it. I went and bought one for her after a day of her begging with oh we ordered it.... Theirs never arrived for her whole 4 day stay. Pumped so many fluids in her it was oozing out of her.. My father had to yell at the doctor to get them to stop. Being on dialysis and too much fluid can be a death sentence on its own... keep billing my father on Bill's that are paid already by the insurance (confirmed with both ins and hospital) they seem to focus on appearances of the hospital than actual care. This place is minutes away for my parents, but they now do ALL emergency care 15min farther to Chippinham which is older, but staff is great there. (3 months ago)

Avoid this hospital! Took my husband here almost 10 years ago with severe abdominal pain. The staff in the ER told him he had indigestion and sent him home even though he told them he his pain level was 10 out of 10. They didn't even bother to give him an x-ray or CT scan. Nothing, just sent him home. Within 4 hours I had him right back there because his symptoms had gotten worse. After pleading with them they finally gave him a CT scan. He had a complete bowel obstruction and had to be rushed into surgery out of fear that his intestines would burst. After surgery his surgeon asked me why we had not told her about his previous abdominal surgeries. He hadn't had any, and she accused me of lying to her when I told her that. Days went by after surgery where the surgeon never even came by to check on him. Her bedside manner was the worst I'd ever seen. No explanation whatsoever as to what could have caused his condition. She was convinced he'd had surgery in the past which caused scar tissue to form lesions on the outside of the intestines. She couldn't be convinced otherwise. He was given morphine for pain after surgery and developed an ileus (digestive tract didn't re-start for 10 days due to all the morphine). 10 years later he developed another bowel obstruction. We now live in a different state so went to a different hospital. The surgeon this time was wonderful. Explained his findings and asked how the first surgeon could have missed the underlying cause. My husband had congenital intestinal malformations that were quite obvious. He also prescribed a different medication for pain and my husband had a much faster recovery. (4 months ago)

I love St Francis...way better than Southside Regional....all the staff treat you like you are supposed to be treated and cares about your wellbeing....I would recommend this hospital to any and’s worth the 30 min drive from Petersburg. My husband and I are expecting our little baby girl anytime and are so delighted that we couldn’t have chosen somewhere better for our daughter...the confidence, courtesy and reliability they offer to us and helpful information. (a month ago)

My grandson was born at this facility. All of the nurse staff was extremely nice, especially nurse Avagay. She took great care of my daughter while she was in labor. She also was "Johnny on the Spot" when the babies heartbeat fell for a few minutes and got him out of distress immediately. I cannot say enough good things about this hospital. Nurse Avagay deserves a huge raise and much praise!! (2 months ago)

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