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Bon Secours Depaul Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Norfolk City County, VA.

Bon Secours Depaul Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Bon Secours Depaul Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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absolute worst hospital I have ever been to. my last experience was in January of 2018. was sent via ambulance from urgent care for chest pains and shortness of breath because I was 36 weeks pregnant. keep in mind that I was tested at urgent care for strep and the flu. the nurse retested me for both. took the strep swab and jabbed it against the back of my throat and took the flu swab and shoved it so far up my nose I swear she touched my brain. being 36 weeks pregnant, they made me do 2 MRI scans on my chest and because baby was moving so much they couldn't get a good image. the doctor ordered a radioactive scan that could have harmed my baby and tried to force me to do it. they started wheeling me into the room when my husband and father had to stop them and the scan tech herself didn't even want to do the test. not even an hour later, I made them schedule medical transport to take me to a different hospital. my experience before that was when I gave birth. I was taken by ambulance from my house because I was losing blood. I was already scheduled for a c-section at a different hospital but the doctor still made me wait almost an hour before she did an ultrasound and then decided about 20 minutes later that 'it was time' to start the procedure. after the birth, I watched the nurses wheel my children up and down the hallways hitting bumps in the floor and practically throwing my children out of the bassinets. also had one nurse that was trying to burp my child and was throwing her around like a rag doll. if I ever have the choice on where to go, I will NEVER go back to DePaul. I would rather take my chances on going a longer distance to a different hospital. (a month ago)

***Don't waste your time***Went on a May 11,2018, a Friday night, and at first the waiting room wasn't too full. So as the waiting room cleared it was just my family, and two other people. Now, before I continue my son had a fever 102 and his eyes were swollen. I get that some times other people come in and they take priority example, 2 ladies in labor, strokes, heart attacks, by all means take them first. But, everybody else should fall in that category of first come, first serve. 6 HOURS LATER NO ONE HAS SAID ANYTHING TO US, OR ANYBODY ELSE FOR THAT MATTER. We probably were fools for staying that long but it was close and It was late so we really didn't want to travel to Portsmouth and we thought he would be seen faster. At least that's the way we were thinking. The ladies at the front desk were shells sitting there dumbfounded and not able to articulate anything other than "I don't know". Not "I don't know and I can ask to find out something", but just a dry " I don't know ". Now at this time my boyfriend and I are sitting with our 7 month old son as he is burning up, I'm angry. I literally go up to the desk and make them pull my son out of their system and the original 2 people in there with us come up as well are asking why they haven't been seen. Crazy thing, they hooked one of them up to be prepped for an IV but left her in the waiting room. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE. What is the purpose of the Emergency room there, if you're gonna under man it, and provide mediocre service. Get your life DePaul. (2 weeks ago)

I was tested for strep throat but results was they discharged me without telling me something else may be wrong.. I let them know I was in pain... I have chills and my head is hurting I have all symptoms that my body is trying to fight some type of infection... I left crying in pain and confused why the doctor told me get rest and the nurse gave me a letter saying I can go back to work or school in the same day (a month ago)

Do not waist your time. It’s just that simple, you will die before you will be helped for anything. (in the last week)

I hope I never have to come back to this hospital while most of the nurses were pretty nice and helpful my physician Dr. Ryan was very rude disrespectful and uncaring. Through out my time there not once was I consulted on what was going into my body or how it was affecting me. I also had to get 2 catscans and still don't know the results from either one I would definitely suggest going to another hospital if it's not an extreme emergency. (6 months ago)

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