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Bluffton Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Wells County, IN.

Bluffton Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Bluffton Regional Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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Pro: Nurses are very nice and calming. Greeting us with care as soon as we walked in. Con: My husband had to go to the ER and the doctor who on duty was super short to us and also rude. He didn’t explain why my husband was feeling the way he was. My husband came to the hospital in very much pain and left with more pain. I’m very upset with this place. I’ve also came with issues with myself as well in the past and other family members did as well. My loved one was in pain and it hurt me because they didn’t even try to figure out what was wrong with him, they just sent him home with nothing and no treatment. THE PLUS SIDE: We went to parkview hospital in Fort Wayne and they helped us. They finally helped us figure out what was going on with my husband. I’m a relieved wife. He got sent home with a diagnosis and also treatment. (3 months ago)

My wife and I had our first child delivered here. Our doctor and all the nurses we met were very friendly, knowledgeable and caring. We received great care during our week long stay here. The rooms were very clean and up to date. We were very impressed with the hospital and all the team members we encountered. We can't say enough about how great the staff is here. (a year ago)

Special Needs Child - Canceled Procedure My daughter first went to Bluffton after a referral from Adams County. She had been suffering from ear infections in reaction to her medication. We had your typical first appointment with the ENT facility on the south campus and they scheduled her surgery for the next month due to schedule conflicts of the staff. (It was a great team, no complaints about the doctor or staff.) After a fairly smooth process of pre-registration, insurance and estimates for the procedure we received a call stating that they no longer would be providing care, two days before the scheduled date. The worry was from the anesthesiologist, which is understandable. However, Riley had cleared my daughter to receive anesthesia and care at this hospital. She has also never had any complications with anesthesia which she had received in the months prior to this situation. My daughter is blind and missing the portion of her brain related to speech. Her ears are really all she has in forms of communication. We are now scheduled at Riley, through our primary care doctor, however the earliest we can get in is February. I feel it is important for some form of communication to be established at this facility between the hospital and their patients. If there was a thought that this procedure wouldn't go through, I believe it is fair to be told much earlier in the process. If not this, an attempt to help us find a team who felt confident enough to perform the procedure or at the very least, an apology from the nurse delivering the news would have been appropriate. (a year ago)

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