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Blue Valley Hospital, Inc is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Johnson County, KS.

Blue Valley Hospital, Inc does not have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Blue Valley Hospital, Inc is a proprietary hospital.

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I just had the vertical sleeve surgery done in this facility. I have to say that i have never been treated better anywhere else before. And i have had several surgeries at several different hospitals. There was not one single rude staff member during my whole stay. They looked after my every need, no matter how big or how small. I would go back there again and again. And i would recommend my family and friends to go there as well! Thank you for making my stay so painless! (a week ago)

This is one of the worst places to go! They don’t feed you or clean your body! The nurses are there for a paycheck! Not professional at all! I felt like we was a very bad situation after surgery! Never would answer the call when you press button for nurse! Never clean the room or floors! Left patient in bed with urine on the sheets! Patient in pain not getting any meds at all! Don’t have surgery here not safe! Surgeon not nice at all! How are you working with public and not making sure they are taken care after surgery! These people are lazy and don’t deserve to call themselves nurses and doctors! I will not be surprised if they get investigated soon! What waste of tax payers money on this place! These people need to be in the back just working with boxes! Not people! I truly believe people only care about having titles and make money but forget about the patients! What a shame I hope this place gets shut down! (3 months ago)

Dr. Reed’s office was extremely unorganized. The nursing staff that I met with that day seemed to be friendly however, anytime I’ve ever spoke with anyone on the phone they’ve been terribly rude and unprofessional. Never had a clue as to what was going on. Had me down as having a history of seizures; I’ve never had a seizure in my life. Had me down for taking medication for an infection that I never had. They were supposed to send an order for me to have lab work done to my local hospital—I have 6 voicemails on my phone from them saying they sent it; but my hospital STILL has no orders from them. They called me 5 days before my procedure to confirm my time and ended up telling me they still needed to have some other tests done before the procedure (I live 2.5 hours away from them, with my job I couldn’t just drive down a take more time off work) they were extremely rude and acted like it was my fault that they failed to inform me of any of this. They decided to reschedule my procedure but still wanted me to come down as scheduled to finish up my testing AND to do the lab work that still hadnt been done because of the orders not being sent...I called the day before I was supposed to go see them to find out what time I needed to be there because nobody ever told me a time—THEY HAD NO IDEA WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT...said they only had record that I had canceled my procedure, the girl I was talking with said she would figure out what was going on and have someone call me back; the girl I spoke with the last time who said I would have to reschedule my procedure called me back 30 minutes later and said they would be out of contract with my insurance company as if 7/7/18 and I wouldn’t be able to be seen there anymore......sorry but it all seems a bit fishy to me! They gave me nothing but a run around April-June. Completely rude staff, they don’t return voicemails, unorganized, and they had me diagnosed with medical diagnoses that I’ve NEVER had...... (a week ago)

Really they do not deserve any stars . On May 18, 2018,I was seen in the Kansas City office for a consultation. Prior to my appointment I informed the office I had BCBS because I wanted to be sure they accepted my insurance .Upon arrival I provided my card and was told they would have to check my insurance. It wasn't until Monday, May 21, I was notified that they do not accept my insurance .It is hard to believe they are in a medical business and not aware of the insurance they accept . A few days or so later I received a notice from my insurance of a charge of $1029.00. I immediately called billing without a response after leaving several voicemails. I finally recover a call today 6.21.18 (more than a month)from a supervisor by the name K.J. who was nasty. She said they can charge a million dollars if they like. I'm outraged because I may eventually be billed for this charge. I spent no more than 45 mins max in the office talking to the LPN and watched a short video .Charging people $1029.00 for a consultation should be a crime . DO not use Blue Valley Surgical Associates . (3 weeks ago)

I've had over a dozen Epidural Steroid Infections over the years for my herniated discs. I'm a new patient, and the Doctor convinced me to try another on my neck. I brought up how concerned I was about pain control after the shot, that I have had many shots and they're incredibly painful for me, but as long as I have adequate and effective pain medication following the procedure, I can handle it and cope. The Doctor said to me, "We take care of our patients, we'll make sure you're okay." I was reassured. After over ten years of UC flares, kidney stones, disc pain, arthritis, MRSA infections, I need a strong pain killer, I've been on medication many times so I have a small tolerance, enough that I need a step above the low grade pain meds. I had an ESI yesterday and was given the lowest strength RX pain killer to take every EIGHT hours. I can barely make it the usual FOUR hours they actually last. I am moaning by five hours, vomiting and dry heaving by six. I called the office and spoke to a very kind and sympathetic nurse, who I really believe did her best to plead my case to the Doctor. I was sobbing and begging for relief, after a night of agony from this additional pain the shot caused. Hours later I got a call from the Nurse after she spoke to the Doctor, and he was unsympathetic and not the least concerned that I am in agony. He said he had never "promised" a specific medication, and he is correct, he didn't offer and I didn't ask for a specific thing, but I was very clear on my intake paperwork, and verbally in my appointment, I'm not Opiate naive, to make sure I had effective pain control. I took him at his word, that they "take care" of their patients, and surely I wouldn't be left writhing in agony. But thats exactly what happened. He not only declined to RX a more effective medication, he said I should tough it out until my appointment on JULY 3rd. Its June 20. I was sobbing so hard I had difficulty getting the words out. The Nurse was compassionate and I could tell she believed everything I was saying, and she suggested that I go to the hospital for pain relief. The ER. I should go to the ER for help with the pain that my pain management doctor is treating me for. She said if I was still in terrible pain I could call back Friday, and she would speak to the Doctor again. Wrap your mind around that. I should go ahead and be in blinding pain for another two days and THEN TRY AGAIN. I really hope I have the opportunity to come back and give this practice five stars because they listened to me and decided to try to get me some relief. The only reason I gave them two stars was because of the empathetic Nurse. But honestly, I can't even believe that they feel okay with doing this to a human being. UPDATE 6/23/2018: I ended up in the ER on Thursday afternoon, they took wonderful care of me. ER tried for two solid hours to get ANY doctor from the practice on the phone, no luck. I fully expected hear back Friday after continuing to contact the practice, no luck. Honestly, if I failed to return urgent calls from my physician I am confident I'd be fired as a patient. I am confused, concerned and in pain. (3 weeks ago)

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