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Community hospital in Maryville provides information about its services.

Blount Memorial Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Blount County, TN.

Blount Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Blount Memorial Hospital is a government - local hospital.

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This review is of the emergency department of Blount Memorial, 3/13/18. From the moment I arrived and continuing through my discharge, I could not be more impressed. The triage nurse took me back immediately to monitor my vitals, (zero wait time in the lobby) and she was so nice to me and even paid me a compliment for my pleasant disposition in spite of kidney stone-related pain. The nurse during my entire visit, John, is one of the finest nurses I’ve had; he reminded me so much of my big brother, who is also a nurse, and I could not have had better care! He explained everything to me regarding what meds I was receiving, what anticipated wait times for tests run I could expect, and he checked on me frequently as I waited for those results. I also felt like he genuinely cared for me as a patient, and anyone who has the opportunity to be in his care is really in for a quality experience. The next impressive aspect of the visit was the care I was given by the attending physician, Dr. Hunter. He sat down on the stool beside my hospital bed and spoke with me eye to eye as opposed to towering over me and speaking to me downwardly. This made a huge difference on the feel of the visit, as sometimes doctors can be intimidating. He was thorough in his care strategy, and I left feeling that all my concerns were well addressed, and I felt comfortable with the plan of action upon discharge. I really cannot say enough about this team. Finally, I was quite taken with the ultrasound technician and her bedside manner. She explained all the imaging throughout the procedure, and she took me back to my room herself instead of passing me off to another caregiver (really wished I could remember her name). She was so kind and kept asking if I needed anything; having her on my care team was such a pleasure. As an aside, the cleaning service came to check the trash can in my room...I’ve never had this service in any ER visit. I’m so very pleased with this hospital, the ER, and all my caregivers on my 3/13 visit! (4 months ago)

Emergency room has come a long way. If you don't appreciate Blount Memorial try having to go to one of the hospitals near Sweetwater and see if you don't change your mind about the services and team at Blount. Outstanding child birthing center as well. (a month ago)

Locked in a room for 3+ days, treated like a dog, I am in constant seizures for all that time, and the doctors and nurses mocked my neurological condition, did not look at the records or my history, assumed I was "crazy" and tried to send me to a mental hospital (which failed of course). I complained to the patient advocate and hospital admins after I was released from confinement, all they did was send me a letter "were sorry and hope you choose blount memorial again". I subsequently got disability/medicaid due to my neurological problem and I told them I did, then months later here comes the collection department trying to get me to PAY for this shoddy treatment, and OH shoot. As it turns out they only had a few months to re-file the bills under the medicaid and they missed the window. They tried to blame me, like you didn't tell us, but yes I did. I still expect any day they will try to sue me to get that money (2 weeks ago)

The doctors here have taken great care of my mom. She continues to talk about how nice all the doctors and staff were. They got her in quick, and explained things in a way that she understood. Her doctor is at ETMG, which is a part of Blount and they have been great as well. (3 months ago)

I am so ticked off with the way you guys treated my sister. By refusing her medicine. I promise you if she ends up dying . You will have a law suit. As of right now thanks to you guys. My sister has no memory. You discriminated her all because she had no insurance. I will not recommend anyone to visit this hospital. I hope and pray that someone else steps in a stop this discrimination. (2 months ago)

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