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Blanchard Valley Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Hancock County, OH.

Blanchard Valley Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Blanchard Valley Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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One of the worst health systems. Nurses can be very rude. It is called Death Valley for a reason. They will try to do anything for extra money. Billed my dad twice, then they were very rude to him about it. Their online paitient portal is nice. I can schedule an appointment without having to talk to a rude nurse. (in the last week)

I have never been so afraid, angered, and disappointed in the care at our local hospital. I went in with chest pain, high blood pressure and pulse rate feeling completely afraid! The first 10 minutes were impressive However it was all down hill from there. No communication for2 hours until a women showed up to take me for a ct scan, that I was unaware I needed. When I inquired about it she explained they were checking for clots. The doctor who failed to inform me of the ct scan also showed up in the room and gave my husband a vague update on my condition. When I returned to my room, I asked to see my doctor and was told she would be in when she finished with the patient she was with (that was understandable) An 1/2 hour passed and I again asked about seeing the doctor and a different nurse gave me yet a different answer and was quite condescending with her responses. Please keep in mind that my chest still hurt and I was experiencing fear. Yet another 45 minutes passed with no visit from the lady who was supposed to be my physician. I had No intentions of occupying a lot of the “doctors “ time, I just simply needed to have some explanations. I left to seek help elsewhere! Need to work on attention to patients needs and nurses bed side manors. Definitely did not receive award winning medical care (4 months ago)

I had bleeding in my tonsil beds 10 days after my tonsillectomy and my doctor told me to hurry to the hospital because it could be life-threatening. I told the front desk all of this information while spitting up blood, and they told me the wait would be almost 4 hours. I checked out and went to another hospital, but I was still charged $900 for sitting in the waiting room for 10 minutes. I have also waited for 3 hours in the ER without being seen by any doctor. If you have any choice at all, DO NOT GO HERE. You may die while waiting for them. (3 months ago)

Terrible service and they refuse to provide me a qualified interpreter. I am deaf and I went to the emergency room, all shaken up and somewhat confused. I asked for a qualified interpreter a few times but they forced me to do the paper-and-pen method where I had to write everything out on paper as opposed to using an interpreter to communicate with the staff there. With me being disoriented, I can't really write well because I was trembling badly, which resulted in shaky penmanship on paper. Half of the time the staff tried to talk to me, thinking that I am an expert at reading lip. Yes, I can read lips but it depends on the individual as long as they keep their mouth clear of obstruction, speak at a moderate speed and there are "expressions" with their lips to indicate words being said rather than being "monotone" where the lips aren't moving much. I continued to ask for a qualified interpreter and they continued to deny me one as the night went on. I grew paranoid, thinking I could die in the hospital due to being mistreated because I was not able to relay my status properly to them but luckily for me, they were able to see what was going on with me and diagnosed me (hopefully it was the proper diagnosis as I seem to be OK since my ER visit). Overall, poor service, terrible attitude toward deaf people (I'm not the only one who received poor service, some of my deaf friends also have similar experience with the hospital and the ER staff) and the ignorance is high (not understanding our rights to reasonable accommodations as stated in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) law). They really need to study and understand the ADA law because what they are doing is oppression of someone's rights to reasonable accommodations. Be wary of the hospital or any places under Blanchard Valley Health System! Go to Bluffton as they provide better service. (7 months ago)

Waste of Time and Money!! The doctor did not even exam me for my concern for going to Physicans Plus. She gave me a token diagnosis and kept saying to go to the emergency room or my primary care provider. She needs to review the Basics of PreMed 101--listen to your patient. This facility has a very limited medical capacity. It is a "Band-Aid Station"; it reminds one of going to the "School Nurse". AVOID THIS BUSINESS!! (5 months ago)

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