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Bethesda North Hospital, a leading Cincinnati hospital, provides a range of services to Northern Cincinnati, including award-winning heart care, maternity services ...

Bethesda North is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Hamilton County, OH.

Bethesda North does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Bethesda North is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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The staff on the fourth floor were amazing, wish we could have stayed there. Our experience on the second floor has not been as great. There is no greeting when they enter the room, they do not ask if we have questions. They do not volunteer what is going on, you have to pull information out of them. Customer service is not a priority in the Progressive Care Unit. (a month ago)

The nurses that i have had are all amazing and very kind but my issue with the place is the social services or financial people. When did it come more important to worry so much more about money than a person health. The therapy team is wanting me to go to acute rehab but since i dont have insurance in this state the hospital wants to just kick me out instead of helping me get home where i would have a support system. But apparently a 164 dollar bus ticket on greyhound is more to worry about than the health of a patient and they call this a religious hospital. I would hate to see what the founder of this place thought now. You should truly be ashamed and if i get hurt trying to walk my way back home ill be sure that it cost you more than just a bus ticket. All i was asking for was help. Ashamed you should be. (2 months ago)

Spent 3 hrs here so far. The first nurse was not gentle with the iv. The second nurse and nurse practitioner were nice but after the first visit they never came back. Shift change has happened and I still don't have anyone communicating with me at all in 3 hours. Bethany came in and ripped off my leads and told me to take a urine sample. She went next door and communicated everything with the lady next me. Talked to her for 10 minutes at least. The lady next to me has had a ekg and Xray and I'm still waiting 3 hrs later on my blood work. I'm still here!! (2 months ago)

We love this place, wouldn't go anywhere else. Staff and service is amazing, we almost didn't want to leave. (3 weeks ago)

Update: April 2018.. I want to again thank Kate, Christina & I can’t remember her name but she also had helped clean off my baby boy, also Dr.Jabin you are an amazing Dr. despite everything she made my delivery as normal as possible. at end of they, I am glad that you all were able to deliver my son to me safely. Despite being stillborn at 37 weeks. I am forevermore thankful that Hospital staff made my labor experience one that I will enjoy. However I will say my experience with Bethesda North Hospital was not enjoyable and I will make sure that you all will know about it. I will not be returning back to this hospital if I am ever able to conceive again. From the time of knowing he was stillborn and what the Doctors advised to do instead of treating this like an emergency..he advised me to go home for some days...after telling me my son was stillborn. Your grief nurse, Sue was the worst. She never once mentioned a grief fund to me or my boyfriend Daniel. She kept saying costs costs costs and prices. Even when she did mention the grief fund days later...she made it seem like a joke. THE DISCHARGE PROCESS WAS HORRIBLE. THE FINAL NURSE WHO SAW US SCARED MY FAMILY AND SAID THE AUTOPSY WILL NOT BE COVERED AND GENETIC TESTING WILL NOT BE COVERED AND I WILL BE IN DEBT AND LEFT WITH BILLS. I will not be returning to this hospital. My first child was stillborn and your staff just put me in more grief. Then to top it off, your autopsy crew LIED and said my baby's boy autopsy would be done on Saturday September 16, 2017. THE AUTOPSY WAS DONE 9/20/2017. We all told the nurse to PLEASE if for any reason that the autopsy would not be done on that day, let me know. ABSOLUTELY NO PHONE CALL. I was RUSHED out of the hospital to leave. I was given misleading information from a NUMBER of staff. I can't even get my baby boy's DEATH CERTIFICATE because the doctor wrote date of death as 9-14-2013? seriously? So the doctor couldn't proofread the Death Certificate before sending it out? I am still thankful I got to meet my baby boy. In 3 days. I was told my son was stillborn at 37 weeks pregnant, went into labor the next day. Given misleading info from your staff, I was scared to death and told I would be in debt, nothing would be covered by my insurance, rushed to do funeral arrangements and RUSHED TO BE DISCHARGED. No one checked on me for the rest of the night after 10:30pm Friday, September 15,2017.not even to check my blood pressure. It seems after I gave birth and signed what was needed, your staff absolutely did not care about me or the state of mind I was in. The next time someone came to check on me was my date of discharge, Saturday September 16, 2017. In which the nurse just said.. "I am truly sorry for your loss" and then proceeded to scare my family about a huge bill that would be sent to me in the mail, because my insurance will not cover it. This truly was an experience. I will not be returning to Bethesda North Hospital, Thank You all again, Dr.Jabin for delivering my son David to me safely. Chris for putting in my epidural in safely. Labor was fine, hospital stay was a true nightmare. (a month ago)

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