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Noted for excellence in behavioral health, long term, and acute care, Bergen Regional Medical Center welcomes you. Visit our center in Bergen County, NJ.

Bergen Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Bergen County, NJ.

Bergen Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Bergen Regional Medical Center is a government - local hospital.

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Went here to visit a loved one and was absolutely disgusted by the hospital staff and the state of the hospital. First, I used the public bathroom in the emergency room waiting room, there was no working water. How are people washing their hands with no working water in the restroom? There was dirt everywhere and to be honest it looked like the waiting area hadn't been cleaned in a few weeks. My loved one was sitting on a stretcher in a cubicle sized room with sheets on the stretcher that did not fit. There was milk cartons on the floor that were left there from someone before he arrived, dirt on the walls, it smelled like urine in the room, and he did not want to shower because there was blood in the shower stall. To be quite frank and using his own words, "This is why people don't want to get help for their mental health issues." He has been sitting in the ER now for 48 hours and is still waiting to be transferred, has been treated like an animal locked in a small room with nothing to occupy his time, and left with no treatment at all since he has arrived and is basically in a holding pattern. This establishment is disgusting, I would give it 0 stars if I could. (2 weeks ago)

Poor poor poor service in the emergency department. I came to see a family member who was never given scheduled medication, but instead forced to eat sandwichs for a day. When I inquired about her treatment the nurse on duty(bald, African American nurse, has accent and glasses) rudely declined to answer and in fact followed me to my family member’s room. He was asked for privacy by the patient but took that as a time to assert power and replied no. Staff saw the matter escalating but chose to allow the nurse to antagonize the patient and myself. This is unacceptable. No one should feel like the place for “help” is a hell. No one wanted to work as I walked away seeing every staff member on the clock sitting and relaxing so leisurely while there are patients asking to be seen or treated. I guess this is what happens when businesses employ those who care less about people and health, but care the most for a check. Security needs sensitivity training period. A very old African American guard referred to my family member as a crazy girl, but wondered why I demanded her release. This IS NOT A SAFE PLACE for those seeking help. They are not properly staffed or trained. The young lady at the desk when I entered and exited was the most pleasant and helpful part of the department. (2 months ago)

Horrible ! Horrible ! Horrible ! Nurses were annoyed when i asked "when is the doctor going to see me". The doctor ..forget about it!! No eye contact and rude as he can get. I had to walk to him while he was sitting on the counter staring at his computer to get some answers which I did not get because he was busy staring at his computer. I had to ask about what should I do and where should I go till i finally got treated. When i was a little impatient I was told by the doctor " you are making such a big deal! usually you would wait 12 hours at any ER".... Thank god I had to go for a minor thing and not for a life threatening injuries. Stay away from this place ! you walk around like you are invisible. I am sure they will reply to me saying : "We are sorry to hear what you have shared. It is a priority for us to ensure those we care for have the best possible experience at New Bridge Medical Center. We encourage you to speak to our director of patient relations at blah blah blah" work on your services instead of wasting time after the fact reading bad reviews!!! (4 weeks ago)

This place is a nightmare, if you can avoid it, don't go. The nurses do not listen to you or treat you like an actual human, no matter what you're in for. I was sent to the ER psych ward for an eval with a psychiatrist. I was told I'd be there "a few hours," but I was kept all night with no food or water and was told I wasn't allowed to make phone calls or have visitors, even though it's actually still the ER and you ARE allowed. Also, the room was filthy, stains on the walls and floors, dirt and dust everything. Nothing that was done to me was explained by the nurses, they were very rough and rude, and I still have bruises from them taking blood and blood pressure even though I was polite and cooperative. The only nice person was a security guard who brought me magazines and said he could tell I didn't belong in there next to the drug addicts and genuinely mentally ill people. He was the only one who talked to me like an actual person with feelings, and he could tell I was scared out of my mind. If I had known how I'd be treated, I never would've agreed to go! The name change of this place can't change the interior; it should be shut down for good. (a month ago)

This is what I know about treatment there! They saved my life! I know if my dealer said to wait 12 hours I would wait if he said jump I would jump! Food when I was using didn’t matter to me or how people talk to me and treated me didn’t matter. All that mattered was the next one! Using took me to places that I would never dream of going clean! If you truly want to get clean and stay clean you will go to any length no matter what! Gratitude Speaks to the addict who is sick and tired of truly living the of just existing. When you are filled with desperation your opinion might be different! So to all the high class drug addicts, the ones that don’t know what desperation feels like, and the ones who quickly forget where they come from! I will pray for you! (2 months ago)

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