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Beaver Dam Community Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Dodge County, WI.

Beaver Dam Community Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Beaver Dam Community Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I went to Urgent Care for a swollen hand just to make sure it wasn't broken. They could not tell me how much it was going to cost me up front, or even after I was done. I asked if they could give me any idea how much it would be, was it going to be a couple hundred dollars or a thousand? They said oh no, it definitely wouldn't be a thousand, maybe closer to $300 at the most they said at the front desk. Upon check out, I again verified that this was Urgent care pricing and not ER pricing, the woman checking me out confirmed that. Well, guess what the bill came to? $965 all total. Oh and it's due IMMEDIATELY. Absolute joke. This hospital is NOT interested in people, just money. If I were dying, I still would never go there again. (a week ago)

Having spent the past few years battling multiple chronic illnesses, I am frequently in the emergency room for different reasons (anaphylaxis, crippling headaches, and complications following treatment at other hospitals are the most common causes for me personally). The ER staff (aside from 1-2 select nurses and a respiratory therapist) have been PHENOMENAL. They respect and treat me based on how I present, along with what they know works for me. They have impeccable bedside manner and for that alone I have gone 30 minutes out of my way if I have a new issue, as they understand my chronic pain versus something new to my case. They have saved my life several times, and have put up with my sometimes less than stellar attitude without missing a beat. While I can't speak for many of the other departments, other than radiology which is also great, I can say that they have one of the best emergency rooms around. (5 months ago)

The URGENT CARE/ ER of this hospital is a joke. The front desk was EXTREMELY RUDE. I cut my thumb tip halfway off. I had to wait and “step back” because “our systems are down” while my thumb continues to bleed profusely. The ER doctor then LAUGHS at me when I proclaim I need stitches after he decides “eh let’s just GLUE IT” (I have had a similar knife cut from cooking before that was not as severe as this was) I say “well I could’ve just done that at home I believe I need sutures.” Again disregards what I’ve said and goes to get the glue. I asked for them to wrap my thumb up afterwards, because you know you’re trusting what the doctor says. They disregarded that as well. As I’m leaving my thumb is still bleeding through their glue. I ask the lady who escorted us to the front desk to glue it again. She returns to the front desk with a glue pen that’s already opened and proceeds to finish doing what the doctor didn’t. She glued my finger outside of a sterile Environment. Great. Cool. Then the next day I’m at work and guess what? The GLUE DISSINTEGRATED BECAUSE MY CUT WAS STILL BLEEDING. I worked at an office and bled all over some important paperwork. I call to complain and have the bill reviewed. Completely “valid” charges. I’m complaining about the service and the doctor not listening and the billing department decides to say “oh we will forward your complaint to the complaint committee and you’ll here back in about a month.” I did NOT hear back and THEN after two months of calling here and there and leaving voicemails, as well as receiving a rather threatening letter. someone decides to call me after I’ve left another voicemail. I called May 3 and had to call back May 14th to get an answer. I ask about the complaint commitee and this financial assistance employee decides to tell me flat out lies. She says I don’t see anything about that and then when I ask for contact information makes up a story about how they allegedly said the charges are valid. Two minutes ago you said you didn’t see anything! This whole establishment is a crock and you’re better off driving to Madison to get real medical care. (2 months ago)

Actually got sicker while in this hospital, then they discharged me because I was "feeling better"(was throwing up everywhere begging for my zofran) without looking at my x-rays or blood work(which showed I was getting worse). I had to go to the ER later that night (went to SP) and was admitted to St. Mary's the next morning(had been full the night before). (2 months ago)

Don't go here for medical care. It's the worst hospital in the us (3 weeks ago)

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