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Beaumont Hospital, Dearborn (formerly Oakwood Hospital - Dearborn) has proudly served residents across southeastern Michigan since 1953. It became part of Beaumont ...

Beaumont Hospital - Dearborn is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Wayne County, MI.

Beaumont Hospital - Dearborn does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Beaumont Hospital - Dearborn is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I was thoroughly impressed with everyone I dealt with at Beaumont Dearborn! That goes for doctors and nurses to clerical staff to custodial personnel to cafeteria workers to valet attendants! Everyone was knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and courteous. My brother was taken to emergency with a potential heart attack. My brother also has MS which complicates any diagnosis. He was in emergency, then the heart unit and finally a regular room as his condition improved so I got to see many different areas and deal with many different people. Everywhere I went the level of care and service stayed at a high level. Because my brother's medical condition is so complicated due to the MS, I spoke with doctors from neurology, cardiology, urology, infectious diseases etc. They all took time to explain John's condition and care. They patiently answered all my questions. The nurses and aides were attentive and caring. The orderlies took pride in cleaning the rooms, etc. Whenever I stepped off an elevator and appeared lost, I was immediately asked, "Can I help you?'" Oh, the cafeteria is outstanding, too. A great hospital staffed by outstanding people! (a month ago)

This hospital is amazing. The staff are super kind and nice. Many members of my family have been through procedures or surgeries at this hospital including myself and the people there couldn’t be nicer. I would recommend this hospital to anybody. 100/10 for sure. (2 weeks ago)

The valet crashed my brand new Silverado . Claimed no responsibility. So I filed a complaint with the valet company. The manager and I spoke while looking at my truck together , he told me they didn't do this and they wont be responsible for the damage. Naturally I got upset and mad, then he got really hostile towards me and used strong language. So i left and made the a report with the hospital investigator and for some reason my truck wasn't on camera being parked or driven away. Shocker right? Destroying evidence of them damaging my brand new truck. The damage was over 4 grand. I've tried for maybe a year or so to talk to someone in administration for the hospital and nobody will respond to my calls. I hope this helps people making a decision on choosing this hospital. ...... and also how come the hospital only comments on people who gave them nice reviews ?? To be a better hospital/business you should address the concerns of the people who had terrible experiences. Not act like you didn't see them. (a month ago)

This is honestly the worst hospital I've ever been to. Every time I've had to visit be it for me or someone else it was a horrible experience. The staff is always incredibly rude. They gossip about patients loudly with no concern for anyone's privacy. They treat you like absolute dirt. It takes forever for them to do anything about anything unless it's calling security on you for questioning them. They are straight up abusive and neglectful. Believe these bad reviews. Also I wouldn't bother getting back to them if they ask for more info and don't bother making complaints. All you will have to show for it is a poorly cut/copy/pasted letter that won't even make sense. They don't care about their patients so if you value your own life or that of a loved one go just about anywhere else. (3 weeks ago)

Worst hospital I have ever been. A doctor did not visit my husband when he came in with chest pain, shortness of breathe, blood pressure so high that it would not register. I got to the hospital two hours later and he was in the hallway, no heart monitor, no IV, no blood work completed. I am angry. We are here now 24 hours later and still only one doctor visit at 7 a.m. We have not gotten test results from any doctor. The day nurse tried to interpret the results. I hope to God we NEVER come back!!!! (2 months ago)

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