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Bayshore Community Hospital in NJ is now a proud member of the Meridian Health Family. Bayshore offers an array of services to meet the needs of its community.

Bayshore Community Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Monmouth County, NJ.

Bayshore Community Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Bayshore Community Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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I unfortunately had an extended stay at the hospital due to an illness. The staff was amazing. I was on 4 West. I had a great nursing staff and all were attentive. I was lucky enough to have the same nurse Chona for most of my stay. She was so attentive and caring. She was always busy but made you feel as if you were her only patient. Melanie from nutrition came and checked on me everyday to see if I needed anything. Mark the patient experience ambassador was so cheerful and happy. He made a trip and got me an Italian ice to cheer me up during one of my treatments. Cannot say enough about how great all of staff at Bayshore hospital are. Thank you for all you do everyday. (in the last week)

My husband went in last night in excruciating pain in his stomach, and the night staff was absolutely miserable. They were condescending when speaking to him, and one staff member asked my husband "you took an ambulance for stomach pain? What a waste!" Come to find out my husband was later told he had a hiatal hernia. Staff lacked empathy for him, no human emotions. Absolutely disgusted with the way they treat their patients. Morning staff was a completely different story. Maybe the should have their night crew retrained by their morning crew. DO NOT RECOMMEND this hospital for anyone. (in the last week)

My mother came in for back pain and was admitted for a month after surprisingly being diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer that had spread in various locations of her body. All staff were pleasant and sympathetic to her needs and our concerns. Shortly after being admitted, we met Mark Morrison and from that day on he ensured we had everything we needed and checked on us daily since we were almost living there with my mother. I have been to this hospital a few times in the past and I can tell you the demeanor and professionalism has changed for the better. The staff, nurses, doctors and food service were all excellent during our stay. I have so many people to thank for the time and care they gave my mother during her stay. To name a few, thank you Mark Morrison for helping my mother plan a surprise birthday celebration for my father, Cecile Dimizio, Donna Cassidy for your kind words and prayers, Kathleen Finch for taking the time to learn my mother's story, Ted, chef Joe and kitchen staff for always making sure me and my father ate and always catered to my mother's appetite (as it was very very hard to please at the time), and Joe Monica for helping us in discussions on my mother's move to the next hospital and future treatments. There are so many others that touched our lives along the way and if I forgot to mention you my apologies. Together, everyone created a patent experience that was hard to top once we left that hospital. (in the last week)

Something's really off about this place. When I pulled up for my MR!, there was a sign with a variety of items like Emergency, parking, etc. None mentioned Imaging or Radiology. There was a sign on the building that the Emergency was in, but I had to ask. There were signs for free valet parking, some guy eventually came out and said I could park it myself. The sign in procedure defies logic. There were three girls sitting around giggling and texting --- seemed to be between 16 and 18. The eventually asked my name, etc, then send me to another room where I was asked the exact same questions. There was a boy about 14 or 15 who asked me to sign in. I was sent to another room and answered the same questions on a paper that I had to fill out. Then a young tech came out and he put me in the machine. It felt like it was designed for a child. I was squeezed into it and told not to move. It was horrible. I couldn't breathe and the noise was unbearable, but I managed to get through it. Then the tech said some of the images were blurry and he wanted to do it all over again because I moved. Yes, I moved, I was so scrunched up that I could barely swallow. I told him no way. He took me out, and had no empathy. It was as if he wanted to get rid of me. Terrible bedside manner. Avoid this hospital, it seems to to be run by children. And now I'm out $100 for the co-pay. (a week ago)

My name is Tara, I am utterly impressed with this hospital. I was in the E.R 2 weeks ago. The nurses were very attentive, Dr. YU quickly ordered a CT scan;was very professional I had lower back pain. His bed side manner was outstanding. He was correct and proactive in my diagnosis; having a medical back ground I recognize quality. I am ever so grateful. The hospital was immaculate. Mark Morrison the patient representative offered me some soup, the soup of the day had gluten. When I told him I had Celiac he immediately called the kitchen and Joe Leroy the cook, made me homemade vegetable soup. This hospital has come such a long way. I bring my sister here for Chemotherapy every other Friday and I am Always so impressed with the staff. (in the last week)

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