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9440 POPPY DR, DALLAS, TX 75218
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DALLAS, TX 75218


Baylor Scott And White Medical Center White Rock is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Dallas County, TX.

Baylor Scott And White Medical Center White Rock does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Baylor Scott And White Medical Center White Rock is a proprietary hospital.

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BEST HOSPITAL EVER. I’ve been here several times & the staff have always been so helpful and nice. Seriously love this hospital. I just had my baby and was here for 4 days and ALL the nurses and staff were SO nice. My baby had to stay a week & the nurses and doctors that took care of her and watched her were also SO awesome. The last hospital I had my son at the staff was kinda rude and didn’t even help me get up to walk or shower. Here, they ALL helped me and were constantly checking on me and helping out, I chose to breastfeed and the nurses were super happy and were really nice and encouraging about my choice. . The food is even good here. I heard this hospital might be getting bought out by another place or something?! Not sure but I really hope they don’t change anything about it cause I just love being able to go somewhere so awesome like this.. if I have an emergency or a baby. Shout out to all the nurses and doctors here! (4 months ago)


I have read various negative reviews about the Emergency Room service at this hospital. Yes, the facilities are rustic and you are pretty much triaged like a can of sardines. However, I believe the staff (front desk, insurance lady, nurses, physicians assistant, doctors, & X-ray techs) are doing their best in a difficult situation. I just cannot bring myself to complain about the facility because the staff was so courteous and professional. I appreciate the PA (Dr Angelo) taking his time to isolate exactly what was wrong with me. Was I there three hours? Yes. But, he took his time to check many possibilities based on my presenting symptoms as opposed to what he commonly sees in other patients. The results were an illness I’ve never experienced and he took his time to get it right. I like that the Triage Nurse rechecked my blood pressure to make sure the first reading was accurate. He was concerned and wanted to be sure if there was a pattern to my pressure that I was not aware of. I like that the room Nurse went out of her way to turn-down the lights because my eyes were sensitive. I liked that she cleaned the room to make it suitable. She’s not the custodian and didn’t have to do that. They were very busy when I got there. Even the X-ray tech was personable and patient with me. Sometimes we have to be grateful these people are willing to work in stressful conditions to help us recover. I give this hospital five stars because the Emergency Room staff were top notch for what they do and my treatment was five star. Thank you City Hospital ER staff!! Thank you all for doing your best in spite of. (4 weeks ago)

I had a mammogram in November, 2017; but in March 2018, I discovered a lump. My doctor recommended a more detailed mammogram and aa Ultrasound. I had these procedures done at City Hospital at WhiteRock. I received the most courteous and proficient service from check in through checkout. They were so thorough and made a concerted effort to set me at ease! Thank God all is well! (a month ago)

I would not recommend going here. I never will again. This hospital almost let me die during a shift change of the nurses when I was supposed to be on a heart monitor. No nurses were monitoring anything. No nurses were around at all -- they were all in a "shift change" meeting. If my wife had not been there to alert the nurses of the issue of my heart stopping by yelling that she needed help, I would not be writing this review today. If I find out the name of the head nurse that day I will be filing a complaint with the nursing board. (3 months ago)

I'm a first time mom and my labor experience was the worst nightmare ever. They had me wait to push my baby out and on top of that there was no doctor to be found to deliver my baby ;my own doctor was not even here to deliver my baby. Oh, and the doctor that finally came gave us a bit of an attitude when arriving to my room. They also left my baby in the room with me due to the fact that the nursery was full knowing that she needed to be under phototherapy so I didn't get much sleep. I never expected to feel so much regret on a hospital that I though was a top choice. Next time I'm going to another doctor. It I could I would give it a zero star. Please go somewhere else. Even parkland does not treat you this way. (4 months ago)

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