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Baylor Medical Center at McKinney is the newest Baylor facility boasting a 95-bed, facility offering, gynecology, general surgery, cardiovascular care ...

Baylor Scott And White Medical Center Mckinney is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Collin County, TX.

Baylor Scott And White Medical Center Mckinney does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Baylor Scott And White Medical Center Mckinney is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I was transported at the ER on Dec. 9 for a broken leg. I had the surgery the same night, and was admitted. after couple of days being in my room, the nurses were very attentive to my needs, except, I have a concern in regards of... when the nurse inserted my IV, in my right arm, I started to noticed my arm is swollen. and the fluids were building up into my arm. I brought it to the nurse attention right away, and she when pulled the IV out, and the fluids started to squirt and dripped from my arm. The nurse tried to insert the IV into my left arm and keeps missing my vein. after couple attempts, I finally told her to stop and I refused to have an IV. when I was released from the hospital my arm still swollen and finally after couple of days the fluids were drained from my arm. (2 months ago)

The facilities are obviously nice, both inside and out. The food is edible, mostly, but far from what one would call good. The staff, which matters most, is very spotty. Had a couple nurses that were great--patient, kind, & treat you how they would want to be treated. The other nurses were either indifferent to your existence, OR straight up rude. I mean the kind of rude that makes you want to go off on them for their inconsiderate behavior. ---Story Time--- My wife had just given birth to our new son. That night we were very tired, exhausted, etc. Its around 3:00am and we had just fallen asleep. My wife asks me if I wanted to change the diaper or if she should have a nurse do it. Well, I had almost no sleep, and thought, "you know what, we are paying thousands of dollars here, we already went through this before with our first child, i know how to change a diaper at the wee hours of the morning--lets have a nurse help us out so we can try to get a little rest". The nurse comes in and first thing she says FIRMLY is, "Do you not know how to change a diaper?" It wasn't just a personality thing. She was visibly upset. Maybe she was having a rough night for all I know; but you don't take it out on customers/patients. She ended up being nicer later, but that put such a bad taste in my mouth, it really affected my view of the Baylor brand as a whole. We had our first child at Baylor in Downtown Dallas, and that was a great experience with the level of service we received. This Baylor in McKinney has quite a ways to go until they learn how to act like their big brother. Don't let the beautiful facade make you think this place has the inside together like they have the outside. Not saying don't go here, just make sure your expectations are not too high. (a week ago)

I was seen at 3 am for sudden, severe pain in my left side under my ribs. I couldn't even walk and no one helped my husband with the wheel chair. The doctor diagnosed me right away with a kidney stone but said to do a CT scan anyway. The nurse was very rough putting in an IV and then didn't check on me until just before the CT scan. The doctor said my abdomen was clear and it was just a pulled muscle. I was in as much pain when I left as when I had come in. They gave me prescriptions that could not be filled for 4 hours and my husband begged them to give me some kind of pain medicine, so he could wheel me outside by himself. 2.5 days later I was at a different hospital getting emergency gallbladder surgery because of adhesion to my internal organs. I was treated like a drug seeker and given no compassion. I refuse to ever go back to that ER (3 months ago)

My husband and I had our baby here 2 weeks ago. The staff (L&D) were terrific with preparing me for my C-section. My daughter came a day earlier than expected so I had to mentally prepare quick! After she was born we were moved to recovery then to our new family room. The nurses and patient techs were fabulous. We were able to bond and enjoy our new bundle of joy. The food was great and it was nice to not only have my meals but meals for my husband as well. When we were discharged, we were sent home with a 'celebration meal.' This is such a great thing. The last thing you want to do is cook when you go home. We took a picture with Wendi on the way to our car. She is so awesome and was just so full of information. You could tell she really cared and you were not just another room to her. If we have another baby, I will return to Baylor McKinney! (4 months ago)

I'm extremely impressed with the staff at BSW, and with Dr. Tatum! He is amazing. He really took time to listen to my concerns, and was very thorough. He didn't act rushed and took the time needed to get to know me and my medical condition. (a month ago)

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