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Photo: Baylor Scott & White Medical Center - Lake Pointe

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Baylor Scott And White Medical Center Lake Pointe is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Dallas County, TX.

Baylor Scott And White Medical Center Lake Pointe does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Baylor Scott And White Medical Center Lake Pointe is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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I'm giving one star only because I can't give zero stars. My son had surgery there two years ago. While his stay in the hospital was fine and his nurses were great, their billing department is lacking to say the very least. More than two years have passed so I assumed we were finished paying what we owed to the people we owed. Recently I received a bill for $4000 with a demand to have it paid immediately. I cannot imagine why it has taken TWO YEARS to get this bill to me. And if you aren't able to pay the amount they would like you to pay per their terms for payment plan, they will not accept a number you can handle more comfortably. I tried to go online and my options are to pay in full or pay the amount they have determined to be acceptable for a payment plan. It's the principle of the thing now. (a month ago)

I had my daughter here in January of this year. I cannot be more happy with my experience with this hospital! The staff of nurses and doctors were so nice and helpful! A couple of weeks after I had her, I got a card in the mail from the hospital that was signed by all the nurses that tended to me while I was there. That meant a lot to me! (3 weeks ago)

I wish if I can give zero. My sister was admitted at the hospital for six days, the first two days was pretty good but after that the drama begins. We were confused as hell because one nurse come in and say something and the other comes in and say a completely different story. The craziest thing; on our last day one doctor came in and told us that all of her result was fine and she is good to go and I asked “what about the blood work you took earlier and she said “did they took a blood work today” I replied “yes” then she immediately said “don’t worry the blood work is also fine” “Pardon,how could you know that the blood work is fine if you didn’t even know that it was ordered Doc??” 🤔When I pop this question; she went out running by saying aw let me look at her chart! Dang, she was supposed to look at her chart before coming to us! In general it’s the most horrible hospital. Better to go to urgent cares.... I prefer dying on my bed than going to this hospital! (2 months ago)

I really would like to thank the medical team for taking such good care of my mother-in-law. The problem I have is she was discharged around noon, I went to see her around 7pm yesterday and they said she had been discharged. I was told they called my husband whom had a fall there on Saturday and was asleep, didn’t leave a simple message stating this nurse Jane Doe regarding patient Jane Doe. I was informed a family member was visiting I thought they would tell you. Please don’t assume anything, I never was called. (a week ago)

I cant speak for other people's experiences (my experience is limited to the L&D Unit) and my family felt that the facility did not do enough for me. BUT I have no complaints. The Labor and Delivery unit was completely full when I arrived to be induced due to pregnancy related hypertension. I waited a good amount of time for a room, at one point my epidural only numbed one side of my body and I was thrown into intense and strong contractions after not feeling anything at all and it took the nurses some time to come in and see what was wrong, but it wasnt because they were twiddling their thumbs, they had an entire unit packed with new mothers, newborns, soon to be mothers and several of us in the midst of delivering at that moment. I liked the staff, everyone was friendly and answered all my questions and I had plenty of questions due to the fact my son was born tiny. They were very helpful. Overall they did their jobs and they did them with a smile. Sure its annoying to have someone come in every 2-3 hours but they stayed on top of my pain management, coping with being a new mother, any odds and ends. I even had a nurse come in and work with me in trying to rouse my sleeping newborn so he would eat. (3 months ago)

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