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Photo: Baylor Scott & White Medical Center - Centennial

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FRISCO, TX 75035


Baylor Scott And White Medical Center Centennial is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Collin County, TX.

Baylor Scott And White Medical Center Centennial does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Baylor Scott And White Medical Center Centennial is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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I recently spent 9 days at Centennial. That's too long to be in the hospital. But the staff made my stay much easier. All my nurses and other helpers were terrific. Everyone went out of their way to keep me comfortable. I'll be needing another surgery in the Fall and I'll go back to Centennial with the confidence that the care is top notch. Thanks,! Centennial staff! (3 weeks ago)

If zero stars were able to be given that would be the most suitable. I came into the ER expecting people to have a little empathy for the way I was feeling. I haven't been able to move around and get out of bed for days. Dr. Phillip Admire is rude and very condescending. He showed lack of empathy and compassion to say the least. He treated me as if I was lying and making stuff up. I have been in extreme discomfort for almost a week, and he didn't seem to care. Then I could hear all the nurses and doctors laughing and talking outside my door amongst themselves about my condition, but every time they came in I had to re-explain my symptoms, very annoying. Dr.Admire failed to perform a pregnancy test on me, but made me sign a document saying that I wasn't pregnant. I explain to the CT lady that I never received a pregnancy test, but she still insisted that I did. I've been to the ER before, common pregnancy test is a urine sample. That I never gave. I even double checked my blood work to see if they ran one in there, but they didn't. I didn't come in with pregnancy related symptoms, but being a woman in my child bearing prime, I would expect them to at least run a pregnancy test to rule that out to say the least. I don't like to bring my race into everything, however Dr.Admire treated me as if I was a dumb uneducated African-American female, that was just seeking to get out of work. I am a full-time student, work is at the least of my concern or worries. I understand now why a lot of Black Americans fail to seek medical attention, based on Dr.Admire lack of concern about my symptoms. He just wanted to get me out of there as soon as possible. I will never be returning back and will advise others to never go to Cetennial ER. (a month ago)

I delivered my baby here in November. The labor and delivery staff was wonderful! They attended to me promptly and courteously before and after my c-section. I was put into a large recovery room and had a new set of kind nurses and aides. They had a bed for my husband and provided breakfast, lunch, and dinner for him as well as access to the nutrition room. He never had to leave. The food was great and the kitchen staff was very friendly. The nursery kindly lulled my babe to sleep after a bath so I could get a couple hours of rest because she wouldn’t sleep if I wasn’t holding her. It was a very pleasant experience. (3 months ago)

Love this hospital. Have delivered both my kids with the 3rd one set in a few weeks. The nurses and doctors are amazing. The room was also very comfortable for myself and my husband. (a month ago)

Bad service, over charge 3times compare to the other and they try to keep patients stay as long as possible. Also, the primary group doctors who are working there and have office outside, but still charge too much which I thought it is not related to the hospital so i registered for my parents who have both medicare and medical. After a visit they sent us the big bill after both insurance covered. For elderly patients who have these both insurances should not get any bill at all unless the doctor won't accept that insurance. The bill amount should be for whom does not have insurance. I highly recommend not going to this hospital. Right now my dad is in Baylor and the Doctor refers him to Baylor White Scott Centennial even it is very close to my home but I refuse. I will take my dad to another cardiologist. (3 months ago)

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