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Baylor Scott And White Medical Center Carrollton is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Denton County, TX.

Baylor Scott And White Medical Center Carrollton does not have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Baylor Scott And White Medical Center Carrollton is a proprietary hospital.

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I came in not quite two months ago, on the recommendation of a nurse at Family Medicine Associates (housed in the same complex). I had been informed that my symptoms (chest pain, difficulty breating) were serious and I had to go immediately to the hospital, when all I was trying to do was set a doctor's appointment, maybe get an X-ray, do a little blood work to find out if it's my heart or something else. The doctor assigned to my room and my case, came back with all the information, and told me that I was, "The Picture of Health" and didn't know why this stuff was happening to me. I remember his jacket saying he was a Toxicologist, but I don't remember his name. I sat in the waiting room for the proceeding TWO HOURS for a social worker, because I could not pay the enormous bill that was going to hit me, and I was hoping that I could cut a deal where I could make payments or something. After those two hours, I decided to leave, because I wasn't going to wait all day for a person who might not even be there until the next day, when I had a goddamn job to get back to and a life to come home to. I was informed that the Social Worker would then contact me before the bill was sent out. Now all this time has passed, I got my $2k bill, no call from the social worker, and when I phoned in, was transferred to the social worker's department, I was sent straight to voicemail. I left a message at least, MORE THAN THE DAMN SOCIAL WORKER TRIED TO DO! I'm calling my lawyer. (3 months ago)

Dr was rude and unconsiderate didnt help me at all went in with a pain level 8 left in a 7 with no meds to help me out (in the last week)

Absolutely the worst....No communication between staff. I was seen in the ER and then admitted by mistake then released 3 hours later and it took 2 and a half hours to get my release forms. (2 months ago)

Honesty, never seen any hospital like this one..My mother was brought in by ambulance, sent on a regular floor for her condition. The nurse's seemed confused as well as the Doctor's. In less than one week, she was supposed to be transferred to Rehab, but that never happened because they end up SENDING her to ICU, look like her condition worsened while being in ICU..The thing that get me, none of the Doctor's are on same accord..One doctor says one thing from the OTHER one...I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS HOSPITAL TO ANYONE.. Plz DO NOT BRING YOUR LOVE ONE'S TO THIS HOSPITAL..They have been killing my Mother slowly while she's been here..They have denied her transfer to anotther hospital..SO PRAYYYYYY FOR US..I AM ABOUT TO CATCH A CASE IIN THIS DEATH TRAP..DO NOT BRING EVEN YOUR ENEMY HERE..SMDH (4 months ago)

Baylor was the first hospital that hired me when I stepped foot into the state last year. I still love and respect the facility, however this was my first hospital stay in Texas and it didn't meet my expectations. The ER visit was fast and they did all my treatment and test while I waited in waiting room. Super job with that part. I won't blast them here but I do plan to talk to someone once I'm completely healed. I'm still home recovering. I don't want to make them look bad when I have worn their shoes as a night registered nurse at another Baylor campus before. I love the organization and what it stands for too much, to let others know their deficits. We all have them. I just pray this unit becomes the best that I know it can be and quickly. (10 months ago)

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