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Baylor All Saints Medical Center at Fort Worth is the place for quality medical care in Tarrant County. The hospital is dedicated to serving residents of Fort Worth ...

Baylor Scott And White All Saints Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Tarrant County, TX.

Baylor Scott And White All Saints Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Baylor Scott And White All Saints Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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First things first, I want to say to the nurses and physician that I've seen today are great. Understanding, kind, and made my stay easy. So to you I apologize for this review as it affects the hospital as a whole. The 2 nurse's where here in my room in the er trying to get an IV started. When the lady from registration peeked her head in the door, then just walked on in. First red flag, she should have waited the nurses were working on getting an IV started. She came in anyway and started asking me for my information. I obliged and told her what she needed. I was fine up until the point when she asked the nurse, " can i just get a quick signature." Tge 2 nurses looked at her as well as I. So, she got a little red in the face. Like she was upset. So,she walked to the left hand side of the bed while one nurse was looking for a vein, and asked me in a very persistent manner can you just sign right here? I said no I'm sorry, I'm a righty and my right arm was being used to draw blood. At that time the nurse got the IV in. So, when I said that this lady named Mary B. From registration got all upset. It was very clear to see. Even the nurses noticed it. And said something about it. Mary B. showed a lack of professionalism, common courtesy, MANNERS, and a general lack of respect for my privacy. She had absolutely no business entering the room while the nurses are actively working to secure blood samples. She knows better. But, she didn't show it this morning. She showed how immature she can be, How unprofessional she can be .And how down right rude she can be. Totally unacceptable. Now I need to go to get supervisor. Or whoever is over her department. Will be sure to do that before leaving this er today. Yep that's right I'm still here waiting. But, I chose to stay to have more blood work done. But, when I'm discharged I will be looking for registrations supervisor. I mean does she not understand is a direct violation of the Hipaa laws?? And that legal action can be taken against her and Baylor? Obviously not. But, she will become informed of that today. (a week ago)

My caregiver rushed me to ER for back & knee pain & once I was taken to triage I was examined by NP Daniel Snyder who said he was a PA but I founded out different . After sitting for 2 to 3 hours finally got something for pain after my caregiver asked 3 or 4 times another 1 1/2 hours I finally was taken to X Ray my x rays was done by LaToyna Williams she had a hard time doing my knee because my right knee wouldn't bend. She was very patience & when she was finished she put me outside the door to taken back to triage but she realised I had been sitting there for quite sometime she asked me nobody have came to get you yet I said know she said give just a minute and I'll take you back . I told her I was in triage so that's where she took me Thank you , you was the only one that treated me like a patient is surpose to be treated . And guess what I still couldn't get no bed after sitting in that wheelchair for 4 or 5 hours I never got a bed . I was in terrible pain this fast track needs to be change I have never had to wait that long to be seen before this fast track needs to. Be called slow track because the hole time I was there all the staff us just walking around looking at people doing nothing.When I asked for a bed they said the beds was only for the people who is being admited that needs to be changed . I never knew Baylor standard's to be this low . (2 weeks ago)

This hospital such a Hassel I wait in the emergency room for over 4 hours,Baylor hospital was a wonderful hospital like 7 years ago now it change a hold lot this is not right I'm never coming back to this hospital I'm going to talk to the medical board about this... (a month ago)

Very bad experience, ended up changing in the ladies room and leaving. Came in in terrible pain, was taken to triage, no bed in triage? Sat in pain in a wheelchair. Vitals taken, nothing for pain, bp low, unusual for me. EKG, taken in wheelchair, chest X-rays taken in wheelchair, still nothing for pain, came in to take X-rays of lower back, hip and groin, saw that there wasn’t a bed, wheeled me to X-ray, still nothing for pain. Taking X-rays was excruciating, wheeled me back to same triage room, still nothing for pain. Came and told me no rooms available and I would be wheeled out to the waiting room, that they wouldn’t leave me there, someone would come get me for blood work, still nothing for pain. No one ever came for me, was in so much pain, I changed back into my clothes, sat my gown on the front counter, told the check-in lady I was leaving the gown and bp cuff there, not acknowledged, went out the door, took my own pain meds which were due and went home. Six hrs later and no one has called?? Tomorrow I’ll be going to a hospital that will treat me like a person and hopefully determine either what or what isn’t causing all this pain. BSW has definitely gone down the tube. Moving on! (2 weeks ago)

Great experience. Nurse Sahar on A4 is awesome. Exceeded my expectations. (3 weeks ago)

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