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Baylor All Saints Medical Center at Fort Worth is the place for quality medical care in Tarrant County. The hospital is dedicated to serving residents of Fort Worth ...

Baylor Scott And White All Saints Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Tarrant County, TX.

Baylor Scott And White All Saints Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Baylor Scott And White All Saints Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I just finished my survey. I experienced the worst care here twice. The staff is horrible the only person who cared about me was the provider! The nurse forgot about me twice and the tech was rude. They didn’t even care that I was in pain. I was there for a possible ectopic pregnancy I just needed to be taken care of and at least acknowledged. Neither one introduced themselves. Working in healthcare you should be compassionate not bothered by someone’s presence. I will never return! Their ER is beautiful but their nurses and techs are horrible! (a month ago)

I love Baylor Scott & White Health it is one of the best hospitals in Fort Worth they also have a Quest Diagnostics the people there were quick and all the tests that they do can also help you understand your health risk (2 weeks ago)

4 hours in ER waiting room with an inflamed appendix. Also while I was waiting, a nurse came in the waiting room to call someone back. The patient stated he needed a wheel chair, she told him, "I saw you walking earlier, so you can walk now. You're not handicapped!" (a week ago)

I wanted so bad to give a better review, because the first few days of my mother's stay were at least 4 star if not 5, however the last two drug it way down truthfully probably even lower than the 3 stars I am giving. The stay started out when what was an outpatient procedure at the Oakmont surgical center (where the staff and care was excellent by the way) turned into a need for an ICU stay. The Baylor ICU was fabulous! Every one of the nurses, doctors, techs custodial staff literally EVERYONE was WONDERFUL!!! But when we were moved to the 3rd floor that changed. During the time on the 3rd floor, my mother was offered assistance to the shower, when they learned that she could not shower without protecting her surgical site, they said they would bring in a basin to allow her to clean up, but never did. She repeatedly had to ask for water multiple times before it would show up. The floor was filthy. The pictures below show things left laying on the floor, corners with dirt piled up. You can see one corner of the ceiling with dust bunnies that have been there so long they must have 4th and 5th generations! You can see an O2 sensor that is laying in the floor that was supposed to be on my mother's finger, they just opted to not place back on her. Fortunately my mother's condition didn't require suctioning, since as you can see no suction canister was even in the room. Cords are stretched across the wall, doors missing from the cabinets! So disappointing to end our stay this way! (2 weeks ago)

The bedside Manner and the staff was not good at sister was admitted and each time we would page the staff it took them an hour or more to respond... they’d never introduce themselves when they came into the room... I would go to Baylor as a lassssst and I mean last resort... only gave it stars because she was treated here... (2 months ago)

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