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PLANO, TX 75093

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center - Plano is a 112-bed acute care Plano TX hospital committed to serving North Texas residents with personalized care and advanced ...

Baylor Regional Medical Center At Plano is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Collin County, TX.

Baylor Regional Medical Center At Plano does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Baylor Regional Medical Center At Plano is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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My mother recently got a major back surgery. She literally flatlined and they brought her back. I noticed that the nurses in ICU went above and beyond for her. Thank God she was under such great care. I'd recommend this place to anyone. (3 weeks ago)

Crooks! If possible, do not go to this hospital! For this review, please keep in mind that the doctors here are in fact very good, however, Baylor Scott & White's practices will violate your rights as a patient and lie to you to get every penny they can. My experience: I was hospitalized back in March of 2018 and while I was there I had my prescription meds from home brought to me so that i wouldn't have to pay the hospital's rate. When it was time for me to take this medication, the nurse told me that i was required to take theirs even though by law they are not allowed to force me to take their medications if i have a prescription for it. Fast forward a month and of course they charged me for my prescription that I already had on hand and on top of that added multiple other charges to cram my bill. I spent over an hour and a half on the phone with them disputing charges and was told that they would get back to me. 3 months later (today) I am continuing to get bills and I get a collections call from them and they tell me that they just never did anything about the audit. Then after that, the collections agent (who works for Baylor) straight up lied to me and told me that any disputes go automatically towards the pre-negotiated insurance rate and will not be taken off of the amount I owe. She just basically admitted to insurance fraud!!! On top of that she told me that they would send me to a collections agency if I don't pay the full balance as-is in the next month even though in 3 months they completely ignored my audit request. Keep in mind that these collections agents work directly for Baylor Scott White and are not a 3rd party company. So it's actually Baylor doing this, not some debt collector. Again, the doctors were great, but if you go here be prepared for them to lie and cheat so that they can try to steal your money. (a week ago)

I brought in my son with a complex problem. Our check in was fast and his workup was efficient. They were able to draw blood and scan him before he even had a room assigned. Our nurse was exceptional, great bedside manner - polite, efficient and took care of business. Dr Dallas was thoughtful and caring and got our son the care that he needed. Overall, ER work is challenging. It must be challenging sorting out emergencies from non-emergencies. My hat is off to this ER team, the registrar, the imaging technician, the nurse assistant, the PA, and the doctor really showed that they care about Baylor patients last night. Thank You All, Devin (7 months ago)

This place deserves a much better overall rating than it has. My girlfriend is there now about to have brain surgery. The staff has been incredible! It’s easy to get to and parking was free, unlike Baylor in downtown Dallas. I’ll be back at this hospital the next two days. If my review remains as is, you’re certainly in good hands here. (5 months ago)

Let me count the ways... 1st the valet, this was from the Texas oncology side, I'm sure they're the same company. Had a screaming match with a valet cause he yelled, that's right, yelled at me as he was opening the door for a guest and my car was parked in the corner. I was running in to pick up my mom from chemo, I was already with her most of the day and the nurses said she was about done just waiting on a wheel chair cause my mom was wiped out and could not walk and had an oxygen tank. I pulled the car out of the garage and there was no one in valet, parked the car in a. Order and out of the way so I could retrieve her. Took 5 minutes because they had to track down a wheel chair for her. Came out to guy yelling at me that I couldn't park there and he could have my car towed as I was wheeling my mom out with her oxygen dragging behind. I had to open the door myself and put her things away, as I'm arguing with this moron. Kept threatening me about calling the cops and I was like no one was around when I pulled up, my mom's f*ing dying and you're yelling at cancer patients! Nice! Tried emailing his company and baylor, no response. That guy shouldn't be in that line of work if all he's worried about is making tips instead of helping patients in and out their car. 2nd mom was in and out of Baylor ER due to pneumonia, we got to spend weeks there, got to wonder the nurses hall quite a bit as she had to excercise. When you listen yo he nurses talk about how they have a cold or you hear them coughing, mind you it's fall almost winter, so lots of sick nurses, I get it, it happens. But maybe they should be allowed to go home instead of caring for pneumonia patients who have cancer. 3rd when they told us we needed to let my mom go, their "support" Chaplins would not leave us be. We don't have a religion, but we believe in something higher. I honestly couldn't friend with a stranger hanging around us the whole time. Before pulling the plu and after, they stood there and it was awkward and uncomfortable for my family. We even asked nicely if we could have time alone but they came back! Obviously, I'm upset at the lose of my mother but it's been two years and those are still the memories I have left of them. Texas Oncology was great though, so many caring nurses and receptionists who remember your name. (2 weeks ago)

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