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DALLAS, TX 75226

The first North Texas heart and vascular hospital dedicated solely to the care and treatment of patients. Designed as a patient-centered facility, features include ...

Baylor Heart And Vascular Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Dallas County, TX.

Baylor Heart And Vascular Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Baylor Heart And Vascular Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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been here seen 11pm and l could of went to parkland with the stuff they told me didn't do anything to me only worried about my insurance that l have and that l have a ld all l hear is the staff taking about what they been up to while l waiting for nothing that they can do in the er. 😤😷😠 (a week ago)

There are some very good people that work there that are open minded, kind hearted and do amazing work.  I thought that Brenda who is a manager in one of the nearby buildings, Wes and Jimmy who are in materials and Tim the nurse were just awesome people. They were very kind to me.  Also, I like the diversity that the Baylor at Gaston has.  Also, the food and parties on the lawn at different parts of the year was great and fun. But there is a dark and may I say a sinister corner at this great hospital that needs to be addressed. I worked there in materials at the Jane and Jack Heart place.  If you work there make sure that you don't tell them that your gay, transgender or intersex.  There is a white woman in her sixties with long brown hair who is a manager.  I will call her KT.  KT believes that all things concerning sexuality are black and white and science will never trump a certain sacred popular book, despite over a decade of tested proof from America and 20 different countries like Sweden and the UK.  And she is allowed to talk about her religious narrow minded views at work with no consequences.  I'm so glad I'm not there, I don't have to hear her talk about how some people are going to hell. I have no plans to do anything about my time there in the future, for this is the past and my life is going very well now.  But I have told my experiences of working at Baylor to various gay, transgender and lesbian groups in the DFW area about KT. But you know, it's not if your are going to be sued one day, it's only a matter of time has to when it will happen.  All you need is a person with a recorder, who is a hot head.  Good luck folks and Happy Holidays. (7 months ago)

Everyone was very nice and professional,I had a pleasant stay. (2 months ago)

The nurses and techs were good but the doctors and surgeins need to go back to school . They have bad bedside manners. One has put 2 pacemakers in my husband and twice they were taken out due to infections. The ER kept sending him home saying nothing is wrong, blood work is good , etc. I saw and kept 2 of his EKG's that said he had a heart attack. They sent him home 3 hours later. Saying nothing is wrong with him. I saw a guy who was in the ER waiting room with us. He was discharged and we found him in their parking lot laid out from having a stroke(we found out from the guy himself 2 days later). They don't care about the patients. They throw people out in the middle of the night who have to ride the train which don't start running til 4am. When noone is in the waiting room they don't let them wait inside where it is safe. (8 months ago)

Amazing staff! Excellent service! Food ok! (7 months ago)

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