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OREGON, OH 43616

Bay Park Community Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Lucas County, OH.

Bay Park Community Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Bay Park Community Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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I had a total knee replacement surgery at Bay Park. I got the best care I’ve ever had. The nurses and doctors were wonderful. (2 months ago)

I Had tests done in the diagnostics/radiology center plus labs. They were given specific written instructions to fax results to a certain doctor. A Week goes by and this Dr office calls me to say they never got the results. I call diagnostics as well as lab and once again give Dr info and fax number. Fast forward to two more weeks later (today) and Dr calls to say they STILL don't have results. I called the diagnostics/radiology lab and spoke to Allison- very rude person. She finds my file and repeats back to me the doctor name and fax number I have now given twice to them to forward results and her explanation? They just didn't do it! Instead she tells me they sent it to two doctors I have never heard of- so now they have violated my rights under the HPPA act. On top of that Allison is sarcastic. I called the hospital operator to voice a complaint and got the complaint department. She took my info and concerns and had the head of the diagnostic department call me back. KELLY W. was her name. This woman was even ruder- and very unprofessional. She lied to my face and said all reports were sent a long time ago EVEN though her own staff admits they didn't send the reports to my Dr and instead sent them to two stranger doctors. She went on to lie and say that she spoke with my Dr's office today and that they said they have all the results except for one. LIE! My Dr office called ME this morning to let me know once again that they never received ANY results of ANY of the three tests I had done on the SAME day at Bay Park. I believe my doctor over this dishonest employee. Don't understand why they just can't admit they did wrong and apologize for delaying my receiving my results (although they sure got my insurance info right the first time so I they could get their money). This ineptness delayed my surgery for almost a month! Unacceptable! I plan on going to the top at Bay Park and make sure my complaint is addressed. My private medical information was disemminated to people I did NOT authorize to receive such info. And my doctor who WAS to receive important info that was of timely importance DIDN'T! I find that any time I have to have any sort of dealings with BAY PARK HOSPITAL nothing ever goes right. They gave me the WRONG specimen container for a 24 urine that contained an additive that threw my results off immensely. Thank goodness a relative of mine who works for Promedica labs informed me of this snafu. KELLY W. should NOT be in any position of authority at Promedica. She is unprofessional, rude, sarcastic, and treated me terribly. She laughed at my situation, put me on hold numerous times for lengthy holds (as well as did Allison) on purpose, and was not sympathetic to the situation that her department had caused. I expect professional, knowledgeable care when I go to a hospital-BAY PARK is NOT representative of these two aspects. I will never return to Bay Park even though I reside nearby in Perrysburg. For any future hospital needs or testing (even emergency care) I will go instead to Promedica Toledo Hospital where there are true professionals. The director of Promedica Bay Park campus should take note of how their department heads treat patients and act to resolve patient conflict and complaints. The diagnostic/radiology department (KELLY W.) is sorely lacking in tactfulness, truthfulness, and empathy. I intend to relate my poor experience to all friends, Facebook, coworkers, and family members so that they may avoid this hospital at all costs. Thumbs down to BAY PARK PROMEDICA HOSPITAL. (2 months ago)

Their service sucks. They are really slow and dont pay attention to their patience. You sit there for 3 hours and then finally your taken care of. Baypark needs to work on their speed and how they care for their patience. (4 months ago)

My mother-in-law was taken there by EMS on the weekend for a possible stroke. They said she didn't have one and sent her home. Three hours later, we had to call EMS again after she fell to take her to a different hospital where it was confirmed she did have a stroke. Of course, this put her outside the window of time for administrating tPA (drug which can reduce stroke damage significantly). She now can't walk or write with her right hand and can barely talk. When we were at Bay Park, it seemed more like an urgent care rather than a hospital emergency room, and most of the hospital was deserted. It may be different on weekdays, but do not use this facility on the weekends. (a year ago)

This hospital is good is your issue isn't anything serious. If it is I would go somewhere else. (11 months ago)

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