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Bay Medical Center Sacred Heart Health System is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Bay County, FL.

Bay Medical Center Sacred Heart Health System does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Bay Medical Center Sacred Heart Health System is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
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Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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I gave them 5 stars because when I finally got a room it was nice and it was clean and the lady that worked on the floor that I was put on were very polite and very generous also so far the doctors have been doing everything they can for me, in the room that they put me criminals so is guarded by security guard. The security guard was very friendly and the nurse who was taking care of me at first was very friendly, but then there was a shift change and people started to lose their composure and three of the nurses were very rude to me. They treated me like I was a prisoner and a child. They were very blunt and very rude. They told me I was not allowed to walk down the hallway to get a snack or drink that I needed to stay in my room my dirty dirty room yet just around the corner of the hallway for me was a perfectly clean bathroom. If they are going to put people and disgusting rooms that were meant for people that are prisoners and are being transported by armed guards they need to be just as clean as every other room in the hospital. All so nobody ever told me that I was put in isolation because they thought that I might have a highly contagious disease. Extreme lack of communication and terrible attitudes especially the one black lady from last night and the brown haired chick with pink highlights they were both very rude to me. Also the prison looking bathroom had no paper towel dispenser so even though I was told I can't leave my room because they don't want to spread disease I'm forced to you that this disgusting bathroom where the sink was dirty the toilet was dirty the floor was disgusting it look like somebody took a s*** in front of the toilet at the bottom of so if I had to wash my hands I had to touch the handles that every other dirty person touched and then open the door with my sloppy wet hands there for contaminating it and spreading disease to everyone else and they're on and their fourth this makes absolutely no sense and it's ridiculous. Other than that love the doctors love the nurse who is taking care of me at first and love the ladies on the 5th floor. (3 weeks ago)

Lying unprofessional people working here. I came here because I had no primary doctor set up and was having severe anxiety. The doctors gave a 3 day excuse from work but gave me nothing just told me to visit Life Management for treatment who did not accept my insurance so because I wasn't able to get a physician I went back and they extended my leave another 3 days and gave me a proscription. They refused to fill out my FMLA paperwork even though they are the ones who gave me a leave. I spoke with Theresa Jones a supervisor who said she spoke with Dr. jack Scott and that he agreed to fill them out the next day. I came back to the ER and told them what was said but still they keep trying to refuse to do it and plus according to Theresa the leave dates on my excuse did not match what they charted. Unprofessional staff. And the parking is a joke. Too many valets caused me to have to park way around the other side of the building (a month ago)

I have used the out patient surgery waiting area 2 times in the last 2 weeks. I can say the people that run the floor (retires) if they can't be nice to people they need to stay home!!!! I have a disabled 21 year old due to have hurnia surgery they refused me to go with her. Thank God I had power of attorney on me. I had to go as far to threaten to call my lawyer. I got to go with her to help her get dressed and to answer questions for her that a 11 years old mentality could not answer. They are very unpleasant to even be around . If they can't be nice or do their job they need to stay home.!!! (3 weeks ago)

Waited on my father to just give a blood sample and now going on 2 hours. By far the worst business and idiot staff. Terrible business DO NOT GO HERE!!!! Wish I could give less than one star. Staff needs to be fired. Awful and lazy! Not to mention all out of shape and move like snails literally. Zombie crew. DO NOT COME HERE. (5 months ago)

My surgeon's office was closed, and his nurse referred me to ER because I had some staples (just 4 out of 8) that were causing great pain and needed removal. Went w/ husband & son to Bay Med since they helped my son w/ his cardiac problems in past despite hearing such bad things about Bay. It was AWFUL. Specifically PA Mike Ceranowski was unprofessional & refused to help, & I had waited 5 hrs for nothing. I had to wait till 7 the next morning in continued misery until my surgeon was able to help. What a waste of time! ER was filthy. Nurses were helpful. (a month ago)

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