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JUNEAU, AK 99801

Bartlett Regional Hospital is committed to being the best community hospital in Alaska.

Bartlett Regional Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Juneau County, AK.

Bartlett Regional Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Bartlett Regional Hospital is a government - local hospital.

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What a great maternity ward. I have three kids. The oldest was born in Trippler Hospital (AkA. Crippler) What an awful experience. My second was at ANMC. That was much better. In fact, I thought it couldnt get much better than ANMC...then we just had our third child at Barlett. I must say, I have never been more comfortable at a hospital in my life. Everything went smoothly and the staff was so nice and kind and gentle and funny. Even if we move away from Juneau we will fly back here just to have our fourth child at Bartlett. (6 months ago)

While visiting in Juneau, I came in to the ER with an anaphylactic reaction underway. Staff, nurses and doctor all treated me in a very efficient and professional way. I received top-notch care while being treated. Before being discharged, doctor and nurses all made sure I had all I needed for follow up treatment. (a year ago)

While the nurses were extremely kind and helpful, every single one of the doctors and surgeons that we saw were extremely blunt and unprofessional, starting from saying "you probably have cancer" before the procedure even started, to stopping all medical testing as soon as they learned that we wouldn't be continuing treatment there. On discharge day, we saw 5 different people who knew we were continuing treatment elsewhere, but not a single one even told us that we shouldn't wait around to hear pathology results from them. So now we've waited over a week for results that were never coming. (a year ago)

Working here for the summer season. Went in ER dying of pain from a kidney stone. Only one person waiting in ER when I arrived. They took me in within minutes and had me medicated via IV in minutes as well. Care was excellent, although I wish they skipped the ultra-sound, which they recommended first and just went straight to the CT scan...which showed exactly where the stone was and the size. Ended up paying for both. Other than the $5,000 ER visit, out of pocket because of my lack of insurance, care was first rate and most importantly in my situation, extremely quick and effecient! (a year ago)

I received Great treatment as I had broken my ribs & hurt my whole spine and cannot complain about anything ❤❤❤. (a year ago)

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