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Fitness and medical services in St. Peters, MO. A wide variety of doctor and dentist information, as well as details on women's health and renowned sleep center.

Barnes-Jewish St Peters Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Saint Charles County, MO.

Barnes-Jewish St Peters Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Barnes-Jewish St Peters Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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Excellant, Barb the ultrasound technician is "awesome" ! Dr. Chappaqua the radiologist was a close second! They both preformed well together. I was a bit apprehensive about the procedure but Barb put my mind at ease. She was proficient, polite and thorough and treated me with dignity and respect. If you need an ultrasound this is the place to go. Now the only thing I am anxious about is the bill! (in the last week)

I haven't been to this hospital before but my sister is there currently. She was having chest pain and they said there isn't anything wrong even though her heart rate won't leave the 50s and she's still in pain and she feels faint, lightheaded and dizzy. What kind of hospital tells bold faced lies about someone's health when the proof is being shown that there is something wrong. They also rushed out of her room just to clean another room for another patient that they're just going to lie to as well. I wouldn't advise anyone to go to this hospital. (in the last week)

If you have a emergency it would suit you best to take the extra time to drive to a better hospital. They are slow and appear understaffed. We waited four hours to be seen and as my wife cried in agony it still took a dr another hour after the initial four to see her. Read the other reviews and heed my advice. Bypass this garbage bin. (a month ago)

Worst ER I have ever been too. Last visit there with my mother, the person taking vitals at registration keep questioning why my mothers doctor had prescribed different meds. I don't think she had a degree to diagnose patients or question a Doctors diagnoses since her job was just read blood pressure numbers on a screen and take temperature. Then the nurse was very condescending that we had not brought my mothers oxygen from home, I said "silly us, we thought the hospital would have some" then I understood when she could not hook up the hose to the regulator on the wall and had to call repertory who walked in hooked it up within 10 seconds. Good thing my mother did not have to go the to bathroom. I can hear the nurse now, Didn't you bring one? Someone said "best nurse and staff". Not the ones I have experienced there, but I guess you can get lucky once in a while. Went to see a friend who had a baby there once and the doctor came in to talk about the baby and was confused and kept calling the baby a girl which he was laying 10 feet away and was naked and was very obviously a boy. If they can not tell the difference between a boy and girl when the baby is within site and all you have to do is look or maybe read the chart. I would be afraid to have any kind of procedure done there. I'm afraid as I went under anesthesia I would hear , Um let's see, which leg needs to be amputated? I think it's this one, yep pretty sure it's this one, hand me the saw. (3 months ago)

Several disappointing experiences there. It took them nearly 6 hours to discharge me after kidney stone removed. Attending Dr. never came to see me post-op. Nurse was basically MIA. No one asked about pain or explained anything. Unacceptable. (5 months ago)

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