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1995 HIGHWAY 51 S, COVINGTON, TN 38019
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1995 HIGHWAY 51 S

Baptist Memorial Hospital-Tipton (Covington, TN) offers a full range of comprehensive medical care services.

Baptist Memorial Hospital Tipton is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Tipton County, TN.

Baptist Memorial Hospital Tipton does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Baptist Memorial Hospital Tipton is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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I have never been treated so rudely with some of these nurses on night shift for the lador and delivery they treat u like your only there to lie to them and get attention (2 months ago)

Absolutely trash. I came in with a massive air mass in my intestines, blood pressure near stroke levels, and discovered I had pancreatitis. Ive told them multiple times I'm in pain and need a stronger dose of pain medicine and the doctor decreases my dosage and time between dosage, not to mention that the nurses were regularly late, one time an hour and a half late to give me my meds. I was told I would be served breakfast after 3 days of not eating, I did not receive any meal of any sort so they said they would serve me lunch instead, I never saw my lunch. My IV fluids went out and I called 3 times and waited an hour and had my girlfriend go to the desk and demand they come change it before they did anything, treating me like I'm stupid the whole time. Dr. Larkin doesn't seem to care about his patients and only does what he wants to do to make himself look good. If I wanted to be in pain and suffering through it with no aid I could've stayed home. Not a pleasurable stay and do not recommend you take yourself, friends, or children to this place. 0 stars in my opinion, this place is literally a joke (a month ago)

This place is a joke... the only this good about this place was the nurses.. I have gout and I went there because I needed something to help treat gout.. well all I got were ibuprofen... and a doctor telling me I have gout... I limped in and limped out.... no one offered a crutch. HORRIBLE SERVICE!!! I’ll never go back... (6 months ago)

Have been here with my 5 month old son for over 2 hours and have yet to be seen or even put in a room .. They took us out of the waiting room and put us in a different waiting area ... Not cool. (5 months ago)

Never have we been treated like druggies than this hospital today! My husband suffers from severe irritable bowel syndrome and has had open heart surgery. We went in this morning because my husband was having excruciating pain with his stomach and nausea and vomiting. Dr Bennett treated him like he was a junkie!! We know what helps him when it flares up but him and his nurses were no help. All they said was we just wanted drugs basically! Reporting him tomorrow morning (11 months ago)

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