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2520 5TH ST N, COLUMBUS, MS 39701
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2520 5TH ST N

Baptist Mem Hosp/ Golden Triangle Inc is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Lowndes County, MS.

Baptist Mem Hosp/ Golden Triangle Inc does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Baptist Mem Hosp/ Golden Triangle Inc is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Literally the worse experience of my life. I have anxiety and was told the only way that i could be prescribed medication was to do an over night. i agreed because i needed the help. Everything went down here from there. i waited 36 hours to see a doctor when i was told id see a doctor as soon as i got admitted. Within that time a nurse tried to take my blood when i asked her why she said a doctor ordered it but i had not seen a doctor so a refused. when i refused she began to threaten me. also when i asked to call home a different nurse yelled at me on top of a strange man wondering in my room. they also didn't respect my dietary restriction and i wasn't able to drink anything including water for my entire stay. all of which made my anxiety even worse. i should have drove the extra time to Tuscaloosa or Starkville (a week ago)

went to this ER due to having the flu. I was left in the waiting room for 7 HOURS! After going to the desk numerous times to question my wait hour after hour, at the 7TH hour I was told oh we called your name. I said did you call my name on the loud speaker? OH NO she said we can't call your name on the loud speaker due to HIPPA ya da de ya... I said you do realize how large your waiting room is and the fact that I'm trying to keep from contaminating everyone in this room I've been in the area where the vending machines are located IN YOUR WAITING ROOM... it's not possible to hear your "voice" calling my name without the use of the speaker over my head. OK so finally I was called back, treated for the flu, and tested positive for the flu. This is a very uncomfortable feeling that goes with the flu to have to wait 7 hours in a lobby and then be overlooked by your staff! I do admit the doctor was extremely nice but that's all i have to say about this place. (6 months ago)

My husband went to Allegro plaza Wednesday finding out he had the flu then ended up having to go to Columbus ER Friday saying he doesn't have the flu it's West Nile then going back Saturday saying it's not the flu or West Nile it's his gallbladder..... Both times we went he was very dehydrated they also said that they could not do anything for him that we couldn't do at home and that he was perfectly healthy... Friday when we went to the ER my husband was so bad that he couldn't even tell his social security number date of birth... We finally got a awnser after taking him to a different hospital so we went to West Point Ms they put him in the hospital right away and told us he had Double Pneumonia.... (10 months ago)

Something about this simple saying makes me feel comfortable . Nurses are very informative. (8 months ago)

My mother had open heart surgery here and although we love her heart doctor the hospital staff after leaving ICU, is for the most part, awful! The first 4 days she spent in ICU, the nurses were great and very kind. The next couple days she was sent to the in patient part of the hospital and thats where all the trouble started. The nurses acted as if they were being bothered doin general nursing duties and forgot her in the shower. After pullin the nurse string, still no help came which resulted in nearly falling backwards when she was forced to try and get up from the shower chair to reach a towel because she was freezing. She then managed to make it back to her bed and 20 minutes later, the nurse showed up to "help" her! Also, the doctor ordered that she get up and walk 4 times a day with the help of a walker and a nurse, but until we got upset and my sister called the nurses, they only walked her once a day and acted bothered by helping her then. A couple days later they moved her to the Transitional Care Unit on the 4th floor in order to get her therapy started. We were told the nurses on this floor were better than the ones she had been dealing with but 5 days of her being there, only 2 of the nurses here are good. After complaining over and over again for days, about not being able to breathe good, one of those nurses finally listened to her and asked the dr to order a chest xray, where they discovered the problem. There was fluid around her lungs. They pulled over 2 liters of fluid from around her lungs and told her that she had very little lung capacity left in one of them, that they almost waited too long! Also, there is only one shower for this entire floor! Which she was forgotten AGAIN to sit and freeze until the nurse found the time to go help her up. The shower is very slick and with help she almost fell again! Then just yesterday i went to visit her and she tells me that she rang for the nurse the night before to tell them she felt like she was guna be sick, 10 minutes passed and when the nurse finally walked in, mom was throwing up in the floor! The nurse got upset and told her she shouldnt have thrown up in the floor, that she shoulda got a cup to get sick in!!! Are u kidding me???? My mom can barely get up by herself, and had just had the fluid removal procedure done that day which caused alot of pain on top of the pain she was already dealing with, and the nurse is guna tell her she shoulda been able to find, and get to a cup to puke in???? And to have her treat her like that when she is clearly sick, is by far the most low down inhumane sorry excuse for a nurse ive ever seen! WHERE DID THIS HOSPITAL FIND THESE NURSES??? WHERE IS THE COMPASSION AT LEAST??? And to hear my mother beg me not to say anything to that nurse becuz shes afraid of how much worse she would be treated when i left, is the reason i will be taking every step possible after she is released to make sure that every RN name i have been writing down will be turned in!!! (a year ago)

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