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Baptist Medical Center-Leake is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Leake County, MS.

Baptist Medical Center-Leake does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Baptist Medical Center-Leake is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Awful coding and billing processing. I got billed by for a procedure that was covered by insurance. When I called I was assured that, "It was taken care of." Next thing I know, my account is going to collections and my good credit takes a hit. I'm still dealing with paperwork from the same appointment ten months later because their billing company in Birmingham is "a little behind." I got another bill a month after my payment cleared the bank. Ten months? That's right in time for my annual physical! /s (2 months ago)

Hospital staff have been wonderful to my family. Starting with the ER . We brought in my 95 year old grandmother and they have been outstanding. We were unknown to them and her doctor did not do er patients. She is Medicare and Medicaid . (5 months ago)

This hospital seriously needs an overhaul in staff! The ER doctor sent my husband home, he was having chest pains! Though his blood work was showing elevated levels, they said his EKG was fine! Next day, while in Union, his chest started hurting worse. Took him to Laird emergency room, he was having a heart attack! They were surprised he made it through the night! He had to be rushed by ambulance to Meridian! If its an emergency, I suggest going elsewhere. (10 months ago)

I went to the ER for stomach pain under my right rib area. They did all the tests they were supposed to do but, the diagnosis and follow-up were wrong. They found a cyst on my pancreas and gall stones in my gall bladder. The nurse said, "The doctor said your blood work is fine so, you're free to go." I came thru the doors of the ER screaming in pain and had even ended up passing out while I waited, the only person in the waiting area, for over 39 minutes!!!! They gave me a drip(32 minutes later) and one shot for pain thru the drip....But, the vein had collapsed and most of the pain medicine ended up in my was swollen and blue the next day!!! I begged the Doctor to send me to JXN but, he ended up telling me that Baptist has a procedure they are forced to follow.(He told me this after I told him my father was a doctor and we would just go see him if I couldn't get the correct medical care.) He said, "Because your bloodwork is fine, we can't send you to Jxn, period. Baptist has rules we must follow." So, the doctor did all he could do under the Baptist hospital's rules!!!!! The proper procedure should've been to send me to the Baptist hospital clinic, in the morning, for more tests on the cyst and to have my gall bladder removed by a surgeon. They could've made more money off my insurance by doing this. But, they ignored the cyst on my pancreas completely! I had to beg the doctor to send me home with pain medication, and when it ran out, I went to see my dad in major pain. He got a copy of my chart from Baptist Carthage and immediately sent me to a surgeon to have my gall bladder removed and the cyst measured and seen about. Now? I feel great again but, it was Dr. Harrell who cured me not Baptist Hospital in Carthage!!!!!! The staff there has one mode....slow. They have the bedside manor of a 3 year old throwing a tantrum if you don't agree with them. Heaven forbid if you want them to do their jobs in a timely manner instead of discussing a shopping trip!!! They sit around and talk while you lay there writhing in pain. They could care less about your health and common care! Oh, yes, they have a small few who really do care about their patients and try to make up for the majority. But, I'm talking about one single nurse out of the eight people working that night- including the doctor!!!! The ONLY reason he even came back into my room, instead of having his nurse tell me I was free to go, is because my husband threatened to report him to the board. Then, he blamed hospital policy for his lack of diagnosis and treatment. The cyst on my pancreas was nothing more than a gall stone trapped in the gall bladder tube causing it to swell- backing up bile and causing pain. It was a new occurrence so, it hadn't had time to taint my bloodwork when I went to the ER. That doctor cost me a lot of pain and suffering by failing to do the proper follow-up procedures!! Do you know what they call a doctor who graduates in last place at medical school? Doctor!!!!!!! And that's what I think Baptist has put in our new "Hospital" along with ALL the old staff. The doctors who graduated last in med school!!! Baptist Hospital, in Carthage, is nothing more than a first- aid clinic just like Leake Memorial was. Nothing is new except that building, my friends!!!!! If you value your life- go to another hospital!!!!!! I have to ask myself this: If Baptist in Carthage is so bad then, what is the real Baptist hospital like????? I don't think I want to find out!!!! I'd give it zero stars if this app. allowed it!!!!! I was forced to give it the one star just so I could review it!!! (4 months ago)

I broke a bone and instead of getting me right in to get treated I was harrassed at the desk about making an up front payment before anybody would see me even though I have insurance. Even if I didn't have insurance they should have seen the severity of what happened to me. Not a single patient in the ER but me, and I'm getting harrassed about money "in case insurance doesn't pay". (5 months ago)

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