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Arkansas' leader in care for heart, orthopedics, rehabilitation and women's services. New technologies introduced at Baptist Health include eICU and the da Vinci ...

Baptist Health Medical Center-Little Rock is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Pulaski County, AR.

Baptist Health Medical Center-Little Rock does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Baptist Health Medical Center-Little Rock is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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Most of the nurses were the only good thing about this hospital the doctor that delivered my child couldn't have cared any less, one nurse in particular making jokes after someone messed in the bed was not okay and i wish the very worst for that person. Everyone i came across was unfriendly or flat out rude. I could be 5 feet from the door dying and i will refuse to be taken in that hospital after the second time of discharging my wife i begged her to just go to UAMS where we went last time. I will never go back to any baptist affiliated hospital/clinic. For positives nurse Ashton you are the saving grace thank you for taking care of my wife as well as you did. (2 weeks ago)

Came to ER for treatment of an acute medical issue my husband was experiencing. It took the foreign clerk at the check in desk 3 times to correctly enter his last name in their system. He was called to the triage area where a cocky, smart ass PA briefly listened to his lungs, ,asked a few questions and made a snap judgment of what was wrong. A clerk there then took his blood pressure only, oalthough my husband could have fever. The clerk then asked him a few health history questions. The next person came in with her laptop and got demographic and insurance information. The lab tech couldn't get a vein twice. Then we went back to the waiting room. Have been sitting here 4 hours straight and NOTHING has been done! My husband is in dire pain and although he doesn't have a life threatening issue, he needs to be seen AND someone needs to listen to him! (4 months ago)

I couldn't ask for better treatment. I have Lymphoma and came into the Emergency room for pain managment where I was instantly offered free valet parking, filled out my paper work and instantly got called to triage, before I ever sit back down in the lobby to my surprise I was being called back into a room, it was all super fast, this hospital doesn't play when you tell them that you are in pain! Needless to say I was admitted over night and treated for pain managment, as a matter of fact its 4:20 in the A.m. and my wife is beside me snoring on her own bed wothwher owm pillow amd blanket, she is comfortable and that means everything to me. Thank you Baptist Health for taking care of me and my wife in our time of need, I pray many blessings come to each and every one of you who were so kind as to take the time to make my visit extraordinary, you guys are simply amazing and I could never thank you enough (a month ago)

Was medivaced to Baptist after a car accident for a spinal fracture. Worst hospital experience of my life, starting at admission into er from the helipad through two separate stays in 3 different departments over a total of 14 days. The hardest working staff members are the night staff and CNAs, the rest are absolutely horrible. I was left in the ER for hours after being admitted. Thankfully I had a family member with me at all times to be an advocate, because 90% of the staff will constantly ignore, forget, and give apathetic care. Even when coming in for follow up X-rays, I was forgotten about for 90 minutes in the waiting room with no apology. Dr. Jonathan Reding had terrible bedside manner and seemed to have been an even worse surgeon. He ignored my pain and concerns at each visit. He told me it wasn’t happening. Ended up with a new surgeon as a result. I required a revision surgery less than 2 years after Dr. Reding’s procedure and was found to have a failed fusion. (a month ago)

DO NOT GO HERE! This place is a train wreck. Pointing fingers at Ins companies and now helping us move to St Vic. Seems that they can't do want we need under the medicare rules, but st vic can? seems odd that Medicare rules are all the same, yet BH can't help and St Vic can? Also note you have NO RIGHTS when you are there. ALL your Civil Rights are left in the parking lot. The doctors are demi-gods with all power to do anything with anyone they wish to do or not do. The Management could care less about the actions of the staff. Off to St Vic we go. guess it can't be much worse than BH. (a month ago)

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