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Baptist Health Louisville is the #1 ranked hospital in Louisville. Learn why Baptist Health is Kentucky & Southern Indiana's preferred healthcare provider.

Baptist Health Louisville is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Jefferson County, KY.

Baptist Health Louisville does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Baptist Health Louisville is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Long waits and rude staff. Baptist isn't what it use to be. Their really falling fast in every way. They even forced a tax on all their employees on every paycheck to pay the taxes on the Baptist hospital Building they work in. So now employees have to not only have to go work but actually pay the taxes for the building they work in and plus still pay city,county,state, and federal! This place don't even care about their own employees so why believe they would care about you or me? Just plain greed that's all it is. I'm a Baptist and I'm really saddened by to see how patients complaints continue to grow and the decisions the people in charge of Baptist made this one of the best places to work to one of the worst. (in the last week)

My life long best friend was a patient yesterday into this morning and I cannot say more positive things about this place. From the patient care from the nursing staff to the responsiveness of the doctors, she was highly cared for and respected. This hospital system has a patient first mantra and it shows. I also work in health care, and know that while most hospitals try to treat all patients like they are the most important person at their facility, this one PROVED it. The nurses Liz and Heather were amazing, along with Bonnie, an Daisy award winning nurse were instrumental in her care. It was a whirlwind of 2 days and better patient care could not have been given. Thank you for such a positive experience during such an sad situation. Personal love and care was given and this facility should be extremely proud of it's staff. Shout out to the lab staff too. The little black box of answers that no one sees. Always with the answers to the providers questions. GO LAB!! (6 months ago)

I'm here with family. This is my first visit. The beige stesses me out. The staff I have seen seem alright. I'm starting with a three and I will go up or down from there. (a month ago)

A family member was having a cardioversion in the AM at baptist health Louisville in St Matthews in their Cath Lab. The check in process was not smooth, when the pre-op nurse came to get my family member, they had him go to pre op alone. Later the rest of family was able to go in to pre-op. None of the vital signs or PIV was explained to my family member. He was under the impressions medicine (such as pain & a sedative)was being given in what was just fluids. Again, lack of communication from their nurse. When i asked the pre-op nurse what procedure they would be doing & that my family members had questions, she responded “he’s had this before & he knows” without stating what exactly was going to be done or educating them. The doctor finally came in and spoke for 2 minutes. Using words like “we are going to zip-zap and you’ll be fine.” This is verbatim. Very unprofessional. It was a cardioversion for AFib, could have been explained differently. Anesthesia never came to talk to patient or S/O who would be taking care of family member. When the cath lab nurses came to get my family member, I asked what medicines for anesthesia they would be giving, bc again, no one had spoken to us or told us anything. She said the drug name, didn’t mention side effects etc or anything that should have been mentioned. And family member was wheeled away. After the procedure, the doctor never came to speak to my family for the “post procedure education or how the procedure went,” as doctor’s should do. He also did not put in dishacrge orders so my family had to wait for hours to be able to leave. I phoned the unit & spoke to the charge RN. She stated this was unlike the doctor and she would have him call my family member & follow up. This was never done. This doctor also, via text, spoke about my dad’s procedure to another doctor who is a family friend of ours. Breaking HIPPA. And he said that he was not able to see my family member after “bc he left.” I don’t believe waiting around for 4 hours after a cardioversion is considered “leaving.” Highly disappointed in this hospital & their care. It was very impoersonal & felt like a factory that was just churning patients in and out for profit. (4 weeks ago)

Terrible! Nurses are rude and think they are doctors. Worst service! I cannot say enough, Norton is where to go! (a week ago)

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