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Photo: Baptist Emergency Hospital Westover Hills

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Baptist Emergency Hospital is here to help when you have a medical emergency. We are more than emergency care; we are compassionate care for life's journey

Baptist Emergency Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Bexar County, TX.

Baptist Emergency Hospital does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Baptist Emergency Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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Baptist Emergency Hospital at 10811 Town Center DR San Antonio TX, 78251 literally left me writhing in agony. They slammed the door on me as I was crying out in pain. I'm assuming so them and other patients wouldn't be "Bothered". How lovely right? Oh and make sure to ask if they've got doctors. They only had one. Love to see how they allocate time between two people who might die! Like Russian roulette! None of the nurses could even take time to tell me that they need to shut the door or that they care about my pain and are doing their best. So I'm at home, dealing the best I can and praying it's nothing serious. Do not go here! (2 months ago)

The worst emergency hospital. I have been waiting for 4 hours !!!! I recommend every one in San Antonio don’t came here. I am still waiting in the meantime. I am spending a lot of time here. employees don’t respectful. (2 months ago)

I went to Baptist Emergency Hospital a few weeks ago for severe abdominal pain. The front desk clerk, the admission nurse and the billing clerk were wonderful. The facility was beautiful and the wait time was insanely short for an ER. The doctor was less than adequate for the facility. I went to the Baptist ER for pain but I did not know the exact cause. I knew it was related to gynecological issues. He was less than willing to even attempt to determine what was wrong. Had he done a quick simple ultrasound the problem would have been easily identified and I would have suffered a lot less and gone home a lot less frustrated. I filed a complaint about the doctor's lack of initiative and his dismissive attitude. The patient relations coordinator was not as helpful as I had hoped but the director of the facility was very kind and eventually helped resolve my problem. I would much rather go to Baptist Emergency Hospital over the insanely crowded hospital ER, but I think I will only go again if I know EXACTLY what medical issue I am dealing with and I am absolutely certain it is an EMERGENCY. (4 months ago)

I have bronchitis still 9days later the Doctor said he was going to give me a antibiotic so I get better I call them today to see what can be done got to go back in to see them again I know why more money I did a survey and no call from them ether wow what a poor place get you start feeling better than sick again so they can get more money I am going to file a malpractice suit....... I went to Urgent Care on Culebra by the HEB and 1604 they found out I had pneumonia and the Baptist Emergency said it looks like you may have maybe bronchitis but very little 2 Days Later I went to Urgent Care they gave me antibiotics steroids inhaler so I don't know what this doctor is and where he got to school he from I say it is malpractice so I am talking to an attorney right now see where it goes do not go to this place if you want to get treated fairly and right without malpractice look somewhere else (a month ago)

I just had the most horrible treatment I have ever had from a hospital at this facility. After having two different brain surgeries in the past year, the doctor I saw at this facility was by far the rudest, most condescending of all of the medical care I have received thus far. We actually had to walk out because she was treating me like I was a five year old child, and insinuating that the symptoms I had experienced were all in my head (no pun intended). She had not even heard of an acoustic neuroma, or gamma knife radiation, which is frightfully alarming. And when I explained to her that I was concerned about swelling from the radiation (since I had already been treated for this two months prior), she blew it off and said it was mere anxiety. She had the audacity to ask me why I was crying (perhaps because my entire face was swelling and the dent in my skull was swollen, but she refused to look at either). Then she turned to my husband and says (direct quote) "She's not going to be happy until she gets a CAT scan." She told me it was merely anxiety and that she could give me medication to treat that. I was shocked and truly hurt. We were so appalled at her indecency that we left the facility immediately. My husband and I were appalled at Dr. Perkins' degrading bedside manners, lack of knowledge, and truly unconcerned attitude. I have noticed that this particular doctor has been mentioned specifically in other patient's comments, and I hope that her poor work ethic will be addressed in the near future. I will be reporting this doctor. Thankfully I have been truly blessed with the doctors I have had at other hospitals, including Christus Santa Rosa, who have listened to my symptoms with care and concern, and have taken them seriously. I hope this facility can address such unprofessional behaviors in the future. (2 months ago)

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