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Baptist Beaumont Hospital's focus on innovation implemented the Medivance's Cooling Technology, the only one in Southeast Texas, is a precise noninvasive patient ...

Baptist Beaumont Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Jefferson County, TX.

Baptist Beaumont Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Baptist Beaumont Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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My best friend was taken to this hospital just this week by ambulance and they were refusing to admit her. She was in excruciating pain, facial lacerations that required 10 stitches in her lip, large laceration on forehead, broken shoulder, broken wrist, 76 years old, on Medicare with secondary insurance . Since she didn't need surgery they said they couldn't admit her. Finally through a social worker they were able to admitt her. Her pain was so intense it took them 2 days to get it under control. I would rate this hospital about the lowest you can go. What has happened to our hospitals? Do they not care anymore about patients or have any compassion. I have never heard of a hospital being so calous! (in the last week)

I deleted my previous review because it was posted before I had first hand knowledge of your hospital. I have spent the last 4 days at the hospital with my daughter. What I witnessed was some of the most caring doctors and nurses I have ever known. My daughter had no insurance. She has applied for but does not yet have Medicaid. She has stage 4 ovarian cancer and was admitted to the hospital because of a huge cancerous tumor on her leg. They knew the leg had to be amputated and were trying to fined a hospital to take her with no insurance. They were not able to do that ,so they took care of this surgery there at Baptist Hospital. The head nurse, Judy Collier and the other nurses on her floor were her advocates the entire time to help make this surgery happen. Dr Nash and Dr Thompson were in charge of her care for her Cancer and her Amputation. I have not been treated any better on my own hospital stays, then what my daughter had received at this hospital. My daughter had the amputation and is on the road to healing. They will help with her cancer treatment after her leg heals and she has her Medicaid in place. All I can do is say thank you to the Hospital, the doctors and the nurses. God bless you for caring for my daughter. Even without insurance these people went all out to help her. Thank God for you all. (2 months ago)

First of all let me start off by saying the family I am marrying into has members who were working here and some who work here frequently. I have little to no complaints about their experiences. My first hand experience of this hospital has came in different forms. I have been very lucky as to have gotten to know the staff here in some places of the hospital they are friendly and respectful and love seeing our daughter when we visit. I also had an accidental stab wound by a knife and thankfully the on call ER Doctor did his best to stitch me up with little pain though I have a low tolerance for pain. The ER staff is kind and caring and quick to get you on your way after doing their job correctly. I went in for a follow-up to get my stitches out and the same Doctor who stitched me up came in with a friendly smile and kindly got to work and when I complained that I was having some concerns about the healing process he addressed them quickly and clearly. My only complaint is that the bandages seemed to be not so well put together but were sufficient enough for me to get home for them to be changed. I only have one other complaint as to once I was in the room I felt a little closed in. I have to give points to the nursing staff for making me smile when I was feeling nervous. (4 months ago)

I wouldn't take my goldfish to this place for help.Terrible bedside manner by doctors and nurses. Staff and security are very rude and uneducated. This hospital needs to be replaced. (a month ago)

My name is Quintaysha Young and I am 35 weeks pregnant and 19 years old, this is my first pregnancy. I'm filing a complaint on Baptists Labor and Delivery department because FIRST of all they said they didn't have a room, so I patiently waited in the lobby for ABOUT AN HOUR. DURING THAT HOUR the pain got worse so I laid on the floor in the most comfortable way I could to try to ease the pain. Only 3 nurses asked about me and I still didn't get til the back til an hour later. MIND YOU I said that I'm in a lot of pain, the nurse did not help me off the ground or bring a wheelchair that I had asked for to help me get to the back. After another patients mom heard the nurse say that I was performing in the lobby and that since I wasn't in labor I shouldn't even be placed in a room that's when THEY FINALLY TOOK ACTION. This was bout 9-10 in the morning and I hate that I was treated this way. (5 months ago)

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