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Banner Thunderbird Medical Center located in Glendale, Arizona is one of Arizona's leading hospitals in the state for adult and pediatric care.

Banner Thunderbird Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Maricopa County, AZ.

Banner Thunderbird Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Banner Thunderbird Medical Center is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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Had my baby here on May 11, 2018. All my nurses were extremely nice and very helpful with every need or request I had. Every shift rotation, each nurse had made reports to the new nurse coming in making it 10 times easier on us patients. A special thank you to all the nurses who helped me through the new process of becoming a new mom! Great staff! Great service! Hoping to be able to keep having my babies at this hospital! (2 weeks ago)

Intensive care unit theres was a wonderful, kind,caring nurse name Julia! I want to thank Banner Thunderbird hospital having quality staff Julia the nurse! Thank you for helping all of us though this difficult time! Bless you Julia♡ Also the Doctors in intensive care unit everyone was very supportive. Your truly the Ruiz Family... (in the last week)

If no stars was an option I would choose it, I wrote a review (that I cannot find now) about a month ago about fighting for my medical records. They were extremely hard to get just because I’m not 18 and they were very rude about it when I called for them. I did eventually get them through approval from my mother. That being said the visit back on November 21st 2017 was quite pleasant, however, the nurses were not completely honest with me. I had a CT scan done and the nurse or maybe doctor (I was pretty out of it) came in to tell my parents what didn’t show on the CT but they didn’t tell us what was found. They were looking for swelling in appendix which came back fine. What did not come back fine was after fighting for my medical records and getting them nearly 4 MONTHS later I read the report to find out I have a hernia! They DID NOT mention this AT ALL!!! I had four months of not knowing four months of a very active life and wondering why my stomach pain was slowing increasing but putting it off because I thought to myself “I was just in the ER if they found something I would know”. Because you would think they would tell you about anything serious but NO!! I will NEVER go back to this hospital after this, if they aren’t going to tell you something as big as that then who knows what else they’re not telling you. (a month ago)

Our son passed away here at this hospital. As a mother I will never get past losing him, having a loss to this degree is something that we as humans can not physically comprehend or understand because the pain is so unbearable. I wake up every night thinking it was all just a nightmare, but it wasnt. I wish I could go back in time and have just one more minute with him, i just want to hold him one last time and I would give anything for it. I wish I could show him how much I love him,although I know he knew how much we loved him I just wish I had more time with him. Now your probably wondering what this has to do with a review of the hospital. On the day our son passed we say at the hospital for several hours as tests were ran to try to get us answers, a hospital social worker sat with us as well others. But the doctor never made time to come talk to us as parents, we were told "he has no answers" and the doctor refused to speak to us. He never once made any time to talk to us at all. At first I was upset but numb and extremely emotional however over time this has never left my mind, how could an emergency room doctor not make time to speak to the parents of one of his patients who just passed? The social worker tried to be supportive however nothing would have made the pain any less that day or any day going forward. But as a person I think this review should let you know that the doctor never once spoke to us all we saw were trauma nurses and even as we sat in the quiet room no doctor ever spoke to us, even after repeated requests the doctor refused. Thanks for reading this. (a week ago)

If you have a medical emergency, do not go to this hospital. I was transported there by ambulance 8 weeks ago because I was having seizures. The nurses I had in the ER were not communicating and as a result they almost accidentally overdosed me. Luckily my parents were paying attention to let them know. Then the nurses in the unit I was in would make me wait 35-45 minuets after I pressed the call button to go to the restroom. But the worst part were the doctors. The neurologist who treated me, did not want to run any tests and just send me home even though I was still having seizures. Thanks to his neglect, I am now dealing with a potentially dangerous health issue that he could have diagnosed correctly had he just run a test. I will never go back to this hospital. (a month ago)

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