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Banner Ironwood in San Tan Valley, Arizona is deeply committed to providing the highest quality clinical care, along with an excellent patient care experience.

Banner Ironwood Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Pinal County, AZ.

Banner Ironwood Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Banner Ironwood Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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The times I have been a patient here, the care has been outstanding. I do not understand WHY so many people in this community slam this place. My doctors were top of the line, nursing staff acted very quickly when I was critical, and food was awesome for hospital food. The one thing that I did not like nor the nurse whose shift this happened on, like the fact that my blood pressure dropped so low I had to have an emergency line put in. Why you ask? I questioned a mix of medication, she checked with the doctor he spoke to the pharmacy who assured him, it is safe! The pharmacist was dead WRONG! Thank God for the nurse, doctor, and people who put in my PIC line. As for the pharmacist, I hope you are no longer here! (2 weeks ago)

This facility used to be amazing in prioritizing care. But over the years it’s gone down hill drastically. To start I came here in active labor and within 20 minutes of being admitted to labor and delivery and only having my cervix checked once they tried to send me home telling me I had “irritable uterus”. I demanded to be seen by the ER due to the feeling of passing out I got with each contraction and once taken to the ER and hooked up to the monitor we saw my heart rate was in the 30’s and dropping with each contraction. Once again labor and delivery told me that their concern is the baby and not me. It was only after demanding to have my cervix checked again that they took me back upstairs ( dilated from 4cm to 7cm within 35 minutes) where my daughter was born 25 minutes later. Fast forward 3 weeks my newborn has diarrhea and is coughing up thick mucus and spit up to the point she turned blue at home from not getting enough air. Took her into the ER again being that this is the closest hospital to us. Waited in the waiting room for an hour while people who arrived after us went back and left after being seen. All while my newborn and I sat and waited. Once we were taken back and seen we were told it’s normal and not to be worried. Really confused on how my daughter turning blue is normal but okay. Really sad to see the quality of care go down. (3 weeks ago)

Just spent 2 hours in the ER and I will say that the staff here couldn’t have been more friendly and helpful. Both Dr. Wong and Dr. Bruno were very reassuring and attentive. Hopefully I don’t have to return but, if I do, I know I’ll be in good hands. (2 weeks ago)

Had a very pleasant visit except for a very rude rn, had an awful attitude, said that my son had old bruises when we had just brought him in for a car accident, then told me and my husband (after being in the hospital room for 2 hours) that we where being to loud and to keep it down. Also said she had overheard us fighting and if we where going to get loud again (uh it's just my voice as we where not fighting at all) to go in the lobby. Was baffled that she was "listening in" on a conversation I was having with my husband and then had the audacity to say we where fighting, never want that rn again. (2 weeks ago)

I just can't express how amazing the nurses in labor and delivery are!! We had to be there for a week with a labor of over 100 hours! Those nurses were so supportive e and helped when my husband or dula needed a break by putting pressure on my back. The whole team was really open to iur requests for the most natural experience possible. They made us feel like friends! For everything we went through the nurses really made the experience much more tolerable! Even my husband who has hospital anxiety on day 3 Said "I really like this place"! At first my doula felt like she would really have to advocate for us and our needs, but quickly relaxed when she saw how accommodating and supportive the team was! Valerie, Tatiana, Adrianne, and so many more that I'm drawing a blank on names but truly amazing! Thank you soooo much to all of the nurses!! (3 weeks ago)

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